Life Does Change — An Explanation Owed


Me, at Imbolc Retreat 2018, being silly on the main porch. Original photo was taken by John Beckett

Its been a short while – and currently, I am in the middle of an insane whirlwind of three events happening back-to-back-to-back. Yesterday evening, I completed a 1,050+ mile trip to attend the ADF Imbolc Retreat near Mountain Home, Texas (put on by ADF Hearthstone Grove), and then a professional conference in Corpus Christi. That equated to somewhere around 17 hours of driving, excluding various stops. Today, I get the opportunity to rest for a bit, while packing (lightly) for a plane flight to, and four days at, Pantheacon.


A few weeks back, during a meditation, Crow noted that the coming calendar year was going to be bumpy, exhausting, exhilarating and stressful. “Grab a handle and hang on” was the warning. My professional life is about to move in a direction I only dreamed my department would go. My skillsets promise to be the lynchpin that everything will revolve upon. My new team is comprised of folks that I truly enjoy working with, and that I have the deepest respect for. My desire to help out with the professional conference I attend each year has bee noted, and I am already being asked to be prepared to be involved. There is going to be a lot expected of me, and I am already finding my armor to be in those battles – so to speak. Plus, I am needing to update skills to a program – R – that I have only a passing familiarity with. I am already working towards learning its usage, including professional development, self-paced training that I paid for out of my own pocket.

My Ovate grade work is proving to be difficult, and very rewarding. And while I am moving slowly, I am making steady progress that I am thrilled with. Every single day, I am finding new little threads to explore, and am starting to need the time to do that exploration. In my spiritual life, my daily devotions to Crow are providing a pathway to a much deeper relationship. I am learning that Priesthood, even devotional Priesthood, requires more than just words.

I continue to write blog posts here, and on the Moon Books platform, and have started to develop an enjoyment of putting my own thoughts into a written format. Whether my writing skills have gotten better for it…I’m not quite sure, but I sure do get a lot out of that.

Which brings me to the why of this post. Each part of what I have written above takes time. My daily schedule looks a mess – and what is above does not even take into account the physical workouts that I am trying to do to keep “round” from being my default shape. After a lot of thought, some meditation, some prayer, and some thoughtful discourse with folks whose opinions I trust – the decision to shutter the podcast “Upon a Pagan Path” was made, and I announced such a short while back. To be frankly honest, it is been far too long since I put an episode out – and the format that I am using is done far better by other shows, such as “Down at the Crossroads” and “Druidcast“. I will – from time to time – release short recorded discussions over on my Soundcloud page, but without all the frills and extra stuff that was added to the podcast format. I will also do spoken word bits, where I tell a tale over an open microphone or read one of my poems. But not as a podcast – and not with any release schedule attached to it.

It has been a pleasure to be part of the podcasting community for such a long time. I was extremely devastated when I decided to close down “From the Edge of the Circle” but it was truly time to do so. A recent conversation with someone I admire greatly, revealed to me that “Edge” was a charming format that was similar to sitting down and having a discussion – even if it was just one way. I only hope “Pagan Path” had a similar charm and appeal. But it certainly was a lot of fun to do.

Will I wind up on another podcast as a guest? Who knows…anything is technically possible. Maybe so, maybe not. I only know what the future holds for me going forward from today. The two blogging platforms are where I will spend the majority of my time pontificating my personal perspective on Polytheism, Paganism, and Druidry. Sort of like “From the Edge of the Circle” except that I will wear out my fingers instead of my voice. 🙂

There is one more podcast episode left, though. The final show. Yeah, I was not going to let things go without taking the opportunity to have a final moment. I had originally planned on having just two interviews and leaving it at that. However, I have another musical feature that I am working towards getting materials for. As for my two interview victims, those would be the absolutely phenomenal ADF almost-priest (fingers crossed) of Nine Waves, Lauren M. I have known Lauren for a few years now…and am absolutely thrilled to get her on the podcast. And to provide the ultimate aspect of symmetry – I bring back my friend John Beckett, who was on the first episode of Upon a Pagan Path. Both interviews were conducted at the ADF Imbolc Retreat, and are some really fun conversations – complete with background noises from all over camp.

This final podcast will be out sometime in the first seven days of March. And after that, I will keep Upon a Pagan Path alive and available for download on Liberated Syndication up through the end of March next year (2019). At that point, I will cease payments for the podcast, and delete the account from Liberated Syndication – the same manner in which I closed From the Edge of the Circle.

Honestly, life constantly changes. For me, things are getting busier in my life. What essentially starts part of one’s current cycle in life, may come to a close. But other opportunities are always available. Sometimes, those are easier to see. Sometimes, these are not readily evident unless you look harder. But life does change.


From a Podcast to a “Selection of Audio Offerings” – Transformation Can be Considered a Constant in Life

Twelve years ago, I started my first podcast – “From the Edge of the Circle”. I spent time talking about whatever topic came to mind – essentially using the podcast in much the same vein that I use the blog here at “Life With Trickster Gods” – a sounding board for the most part. After a period of time, the podcast got a bit difficult to keep working with, and I was moved towards the idea of shutting things down. And I did. Then I started “Upon a Pagan Path” where I have tried to focus on talking with other Pagans about how they came to be on the Paths they are on. And essentially, that has managed to fizzle out. Its been nearly a year since I put out a podcast episode. And honestly, while the podcasting side was fun – putting a podcast together is really tough stuff. There’s a lot of post production work that goes into getting a show together, not to mention trying to find ways to mesh times with folks for interviews. Many other podcasters out there are aware of how difficult all of that can be to manage. And in truth, many of them do a far better job at it then I have ever managed to do. And that means that it is nearly time to bring the second podcast incarnation to a close.

Yes, you read that correctly, it is time to bring “Upon a Pagan Path” to an end. Sort of. As a podcast, it will definitely come to a close. I have one more episode to do…and I have an idea who I want to push a recording device in front of…and will somehow manage to do just that. After that, the doors for the podcast will close. The last version of the podcast will be a very stripped down version of the show. No musical artist features. No extra stuff. Just me and the individual(s) that I hope to get on the recording device.

But there’s life beyond the podcast. I have an idea to continue recording stories, poems, and even interviews from time to time. I will place those on a Soundcloud page instead of a LibSyn account. No extra stuff. No show intros and outros. Just the stuff that is meant to be heard. Why? Because there is still a need for the stories to be heard. There’s still a desire to read my poetry aloud. And there are still stories to hear from other people. But the podcast has run its course at this point. When will it happen? Well, fairly soon. And when I mean soon…somewhere in the neighborhood of the next ninety days or so.

I am not disappearing from sight, though. I have two blogs I am writing. And while my writing is not stellar stuff, it is far better than what I managed to put together for the podcast. And my thoughts are far more coherent here in the written form than anytime I am in front of a microphone. So, it is not like I am disappearing completely from the online world. Just transforming to a different presentation format.

Plus, writing comes easier to me – and I have far more time to do that. My mundane job gets busier each day, and my working hours sometimes have a tendency to be long and unpredictable. That makes scheduling stuff for the podcast a little more difficult, particularly in a world where meshing hectic schedules can be a serious chore.

And by the way, the name “Upon a Pagan Path” won’t be disappearing either. It will be the name of the Soundcloud page. So, in a manner of speaking, the podcast will be making its own transformation through this as well. From a podcast to…well, I am not sure how to classify what the Soundcloud page will be. A selection of audio offerings?? Maybe. Just not totally sure that is a “proper” descriptive. Then again, when have I ever done anything in a “proper” manner?  🙂


Top 50 – How an Introverted Druid (Me) Deals With the Idea of Being Top Anything (And a Few More Thoughts)

Earlier this week, I got a surprise Email, stating that this blog made the “Best Pagan Blogs on the Planet”. Knowing the traffic of this blog, which on its best days would be considered as “light” against many, many others, I was a touch skeptical at what I was reading. So I clicked the link and had a look. I was 26th out of the 50. There were many other blogs, which I am flattered to be included among – but some of the bigger traffic blogs were not listed at all. Not sure why. Not even sure how I managed to get into a Top-50 anything…so it was also a touch confusing.

To be fair, I am not discounting my blog’s reach or the people who read it. Nor am I trying to downplay something nice about my efforts. However, I am also a realist. It would take six or seven times the traffic that I currently get to reach the plateau that other blogs have. Most of those blogs have a platform that helps advertise and place these writer’s blogs in front of many more people. Most of these blog writer’s also have books, have been around a lot longer than I am, publish at a greater frequency, etc etc. But regardless of all of that, I am extremely grateful that some folks find my writing inspirational for their own spiritual practices. And in the end, that is what matters most to me. Traffic stats, advertising, trying to drive readership way up into the stratosphere…all of that would be nice, but it is not my primary goal.

There are a few folks that get frustrated with me over my lack of desire to promote the blog, as well as the podcast. But honestly, I have never been good at shouting my own name from the rooftops. However, I love promoting what my friends do. When I promote them, I always feel like I am pushing forward good karma for them. When I promote myself, I feel like a Vaudeville shuck-and-jive con-man. And I have never been able to completely explain why I get that unctuous feeling.

Here on the blog, I write my own feelings. I am provided a degree of anonymity through the written word. That allows me to be a bit more open with what I feel, in contrast to how I would in a face-to-face environment. Yes, I am an introvert. An introvert that is constantly shoved out of the shadows and into the light by both Coyote and Crow. And that becomes difficult to deal with from time to time, as well.

Being thrust into the spotlight is truly an uncomfortable spot for me. I do have opinions. I do have perspectives on things that happen. I do have experiences that I can relate to others on how I have walked this Path since late 1986. But I have always wondered if what I have to say, what I have to relate really matters. Thankfully, I have had a few folks remind me of just that via comments here on the blog, comments in face-to-face environments, and via Email. So, while I have that fear of saying nothing of value, quite a few others have noted otherwise. And that is what continues to have me blogging.

And then, there’s the podcast. Ever wanted to be really uncomfortable as an introvert? Try doing a podcast. Try doing a podcast where you have the chance to interview people. Where you interview people that you admire. Yeah. Thanks for that situation, Crow – my fine-feathered friend. Currently, the podcast has not put out an episode since March. Partly because of time constraints (especially the last two months with my paying job going through a huge transition – and my actual job duties changing radically with that), and partly because I keep thinking about making changes. Except, that the podcast does not need changes. It needs content. And it needs me to get to getting said content. This is another instance where I will need to concentrate on getting out of my shell. Because, honestly, I cannot continue to live in such cramped quarters.

Lastly, I will be starting another blog.  Yes, another one. I will be writing for Moon Books’ coming blog platform – as one of many bloggers. I am both thrilled and frightened at this prospect. Blogging for a platform of bloggers, with advertising behind it means a brighter light will get shone upon me. I hope I am worthy of this and that I can exceed the expectations of Moon Books. As a publisher, I have a great deal of respect for these people, as well as the writers that they bring forward through the books published there. Nervous is probably the best word to describe how I feel. I already have a pile of potential topics to write about, and will be including some aspects of research with my writing. Yeah. Nervous.

With the inclusion of writing for a blog on the Moon Books platform, this blog will continue in the format I have used it for – personal intonations on topics that catch my eye or pull at my heart. I am not sure if I have a book within me, but this year’s National Novel Writing Month will determine that to some degree. I have three ideas for what to write…two non-fiction perspectives and one fiction. I have a few more days to figure out just what I am planning on doing.

So, I made a top-50 list. How I got on the list or even into being considered for it? I honestly have no idea. According to some of the material I have found concerning the list, you had to submit your blog to be considered. I never did such a thing, which means someone out there thought enough of my blog to submit it themselves. And for that; whoever you are, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Perhaps my efforts to write better blog posts helped you to think of me. Perhaps, the topics I have been bringing compelled you to do so. Whatever the reasoning, I thank you.


Episode 018 – Podcasting is Hard!

Back from a short hiatus, which had me tweaking the podcast format a bit. No interview in this particular episode, but I do a bit of a talk on how my life is being aimed towards the direction of being a storyteller. Plus, I make an attempt to recreate the story of “The Screen Door Boar and the Bardic Initiates” that I told around the fire at this year’s OBOD Gulf Coast Gathering a short while back. Personally, I’m not happy with this version of the re-telling, and will work towards a new recording of the tale, which I will put up at a soon-to-be-created Soundcloud page in the near future. But in the meantime, enjoy this version (I hope!). I also have two songs from Bran Cerddorion‘s upcoming new album “The King of Dreams” for everyone to hear. This stuff is super awesome, and already in my own personal music rotation on my iPhone. I will also be at CalderaFest later this year, where I do believe Bran will be performing…hope to see all of you there as well!!

As always, if you hear music on any of the podcast episodes that you like – please take the time to buy from the artist. Please help support your independent Pagan artist! We want more music from these awesome people….


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Episode 017 – Exploring Pagan Ministry by Cat Treadwell

This episode, with huge thanks to one of the most awesome Druids I am happy to know, is a talk by Cat Treadwell entitled “Exploring Pagan Ministry”. I found the talk quite fascinating, and quite honestly it has helped change some of my mindset towards the concept of “Priest” within the bounds of Paganism. The volume was a bit light on the original file, so I tried to boost the volume a little bit. Hopefully, that worked well enough.

Congrats to the three winners of Shauna Aura Knight‘s books that were given away on the last episode. This episode, I am giving away two albums from Bran Cerddorion, “The Hour Before Dawn” and “Four Branches: Tales of the Mabinogi in Song”. To be the winner of the two albums, just send me an email to (please include an address that I can ship these to you) before midnight (Central Standard Time, United States) on October 31st. That’s it. You win, you get the albums. Simple as that.

Closing out the show….I decided to dish out one of my favorite S.J. Tucker songs “Sultry Summer Night” from her “Stolen Season” album. One day, I’ll get the chance to catch this lovely lass live.

As always, if you hear music on any of the podcast episodes that you like – please take the time to buy from the artist. Please help support your independent Pagan artist! We want more music from this awesome people….

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Episode 016 – Alf Herigstad

After a lengthy hiatus, the podcast is back.  And we start off with a discussion I had with Alf Herigstad at this year’s Pantheacon.  Alf is the voice behind the podcast “Being a Better Man” as well as the head gothi of Hawk’s Hearth Kindred. Being a bit ignorant of Asatru, I utilized part of the discussion to better understand some of its aspects with Alf, with I very much appreciate. We also discussed aspects of his daily practice up in the Washington state area, which I admit was quite fascinating. For those who may be attending Many Gods West this year, he will be presenting “A Heathen Perspective of Ritual Slaughter” there. The link for Many Gods West is located here. The link to Alf’s extremely interesting podcast is located here. Check out both of these links, very interesting stuff. I am making plans to attend Many Gods West next year, if it is held then.

The return of the podcast is also going to bring about something new….giveaways. When I was at Pantheacon, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Shauna Aura Knight, and purchasing three of her books, which she has signed. I will be giving each of these books away to three listeners, who respond via Email. Yes, there will be three winners….one for each book. If you wish to be entered into the drawing for a specific book or books, please let me know via your Email.  The book titles are as follows:

  • Ritual Facilitation: Collected Articles on the Art of Leading Rituals
  • Pagan Leadership Anthology: An Exploration of Leadership and Community in Paganism and Polytheism (edited by Shauna Aura Knight and Taylor Ellwood)
  • The Leader Within: Articles on Community Building, Leadership, & Personal Growth

You have until July 30th to submit your entry (its just an Email) to I will announce the winners on the next podcast, which will be out the first weekend in August.

Finally, in the middle of July, I will be adding something new. I will be doing a short video, which will be available through the podcast link, taking you around my local (somewhat) area. I will start with my stone circle in the backyard, where I spend many mornings and evenings in meditation, and ritual. I will be doing this via the Periscope App, which I have been experimenting with over the last few months. I will also be doing short videos when I take trips to various places as well….you won’t be seeing my ugly mug, well…not that much. But I thought this would be an interesting addition for the podcast. Let me know what you think, if you would like.


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Scheduling Myself for PantheaCon 2016

So late last year, I made the decision that I was going to attend the 2016 Pantheacon. I have heard a lot about this particular gathering of Pagan folk – how it can be controversial, how it can spur some aspects of in-fighting and differences, how it can also bring people together to spur positive and affirming action. Nothing, however, prepared me for the crisis that hit me yesterday:  which panels will I be able to attend?

The sheer number of panels that are available is absolutely stunning. And while the folks at Pantheacon do a great job of labeling various tracks — its still a chore to make choices. And then there’s the concept of free-time, when are you going to eat, when are you going to sleep, and that doesn’t even begin the point of visiting the various suites that will be open.

So, last night, I decided to sit down and figure out some kind of a schedule. I decided to start with the basics, which panels I wanted to attend. With no regard to when my arrival flight would land, when my departing flight would take off, or how far away my hotel was going to be…I came up with my “schedule”.

Right off the bat, I am hit with a decision – the opening ritual. Apparently, there is a limited amount of room for the ritual, so the spots are listed on a first-come, first-in solution. Since I am a first-time attendee, I figured it would be better if I hugged the sidelines for this one, and left it out of my schedule.


  • 1330 – The Many Faces of the Celts
  • 1530 – The Changing Earth
  • (lunch/dinner – who knows where that will take place?)
  • 1900 – Finding Your Personal Magic
  • 2100 – Pagan Pastoral Care Issues
  • (off to find my bed)


  • 0900 – The Dark Side of Druidry
  • 1100 – On Dragon’s Wings
  • 1330 – A Practical Guide to Irish Spirituality
  • 1530 – Chanting, Trancing and Story
  • (lunch/dinner)
  • 1900 – Anansi’s Tales & Wisdom Time
  • 2100 – The Horned God in the British Isles
  • (off to find my bed)


  • 0900 – Morphing the Myth
  • 1100 – Native/Pagan Community Dialogue
  • (lunch)
  • 1530 – The Four Faces of the Horned God
  • (dinner)
  • 1900 – Journey to the Hearts – Welsh Goddesses
  • (free-time)
  • (off to find my bed)


  • (free-time)
  • 1100 – Sacred Fire
  • (go home)

So, with this hopeful schedule in hand, I checked my previously booked flight times to mesh with this.

My arrival flight comes in at 1240. So, it looks like the first panel may be a no-go.  I’ll set that in as a “potential” instead. My departure flight is Monday at 1725…which means that everything there is a sure-fire thing.  In fact, I’ll add the closing ritual into everything as well. So, my schedule looks to be set for Pantheacon. There seems to be plenty of chances to allow for some interviews with folks that may want to be on the podcast. And plenty of other chances to get to know other people as well.

Yeah.  Stepping out of the shadows… naked and all that…  ::sigh:: But I’ve been told I am going to have to just “suck it up buttercup.” Its a part of who I am that I am going to have to embrace now. Being out in the open. So, I’m going to start my death-grip now.  🙂