First Post of the Year – Some Podcast Talk

All right – hopefully everyone had a good turn to the Gregorian calendar.  Currently, I am working on the first episode of this new year – the start of my 8th year as a podcaster – and not likely to be my last (stopping groaning in agony!!).  Are there changes coming?  Come on ya’ll – you know me better than that — of course there are changes coming!!

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted to handle some aspects of the podcast — for instance, I’ve avoided doing interviews for some time — both on the podcast, and as a podcaster.  Well, I guess the time has come to move into that arena as well.  I’m hoping to line up some interviews going into the future – but won’t be aiming towards some of the larger well-known personalities out there.  I’m looking in a little different area.  My (hopeful) first interview is an individual I’ve been talking to for quite some time – John Beckett.  He and I have talked about this for some time – but we’ve never managed to get our own schedules to mesh – hopefully, we can resolve that in time for the second episode of the 2013 season.  Other interviewees, I have not contacted yet – so I am unsure of their reluctance…uh…desire to be interviewed by me.  (grins)

One segment that is going to be brought back (to stay) was the popular Spoken Word segment.  In the Spoken Word, I either read poetry (my own or someone else’s) or read a short essay.  My desire is to utilize this segment as a showcase for the concept of the dramatically spoken segment.  I’m a huge backer of this particular area of the Bardic Arts – and while its been a feature that’s been a away for a while on the show — its back by popular demand.  (Really – you have no idea how often I hear the comment:  “are you going to bring back the Spoken Word segments?”)

Music will still remain a feature with the show.  However, I’m nut just playing any artist out there.  Only the ones who have provided me with explicite permission to do so.  That lowered my numbers from a bunch to three.  At least for the moment.  I’m already in motion to get permission for more artists to be played on the podcast.

Speaking of music – while the opening segment won’t change – I am bringing a closing segment into play.  Many folks liked my closing segment that poked fun at Akashic Records Storage – so this will be placed back into the show’s segment as the closer.  In this manner – you can figure out when the show is closing…so you can turn up the volume and play something that is a bit more respectable on your speakers for others to hear.  😉

I have many, many bumpers for other Pagan podcasts – and I am thinking of utilizing these as the advertisement segments for the show – so if you’re a Pagan podcast looking for such – please, send me your stuff so I can cram it into the advert rotation.

Final thing for this first note of the year.  My language skills (or lack thereof).  I’ve heard from a few people who would like me to bring my language to something a bit more openly accepted.  I’m perfectly fine with that – but had to attempt to find a way around that for my more “colorful” moments.  As such, I will drift to the Red Dwarf theory, by replacing Anglo-Saxon descriptives with a colorful rendition of the word “smeg”.  I was under thoughts of cussing in Chinese, ala Firefly…but sadly, I’m not good at that language at all.

Oh wait – there’s one thing….just one more thing.  The schedule.  I got really sporadic with the show previously.  This year, part of the deal is that I do this on a bit more structured schedule.  So, with that in mind – here’s my release dates through the coming year.

Jan 4., Jan. 25, Feb. 15, Mar. 8, Mar. 29, Apr. 19, May 10, May 31, Jun. 21, Jul. 12, Aug. 2, Aug. 23, Sep. 13, Oct. 4, Oct 18., Nov. 8, Nov. 29, and Dec. 20.

For those not seeing the schedule – that’s every three weeks, with the release on a Friday.  A total of eighteen episodes.  I’m looking forward to making them – hope you’re looking forward to hearing them.  🙂


One thought on “First Post of the Year – Some Podcast Talk

  1. I have a few suggestions for interviews for you: Kevin Carlyon, High Priest of British White Witches; Chris Halton of Haunted Earth; and the Punisher, James Paul VonHelton. All of them can be found on FaceBook or I can send you there contact information, if you are interested.I'm looking forward to your new podcast season.

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