Meditation – Post 01

Many people I know have asked me about what I feel when I meditate.  Do I clear my mind?  Do I think of nothing?  Do I sit and do the same mathematical calculations over and over?  Do I contemplate the lint in my belly-button?  My answer is that its none of these.  When I meditate, I tend to hyper-focus on a single thought…whatever thought it is that I have chosen to focus on.  But most of the time, I use my meditative moments to locate a precise point of balance – a way to remove the stressors of my life for a short period of time.  During these times, I look for a moment of calm – removing the existence of the stress points – and relax.  Granted, these moments of “peace” do not always last long.  My longest period of meditation is likely to last no longer then five to seven minutes.  Typically, my meditative states last no more than three minutes.  But without these moments where I can stop the world and get off for a short bit – I would truly find myself worrying over the smallest bits – hyper-focusing on what needs to be fixed, repaired or maintained within my life.  And a harried, out-of-control me is nothing particularly great to be around.  Just ask my first High Priestess – she’ll tell you exactly what I was like.  It was with her help that I started down the road with these little meditations.  I’ve managed to utilize a few other techniques to help refine what works for me – some Zen Buddhism, some OBOD, and even some Christian concepts – in essence, I am utilizing something that is closer to being a personal hybrid of techniques, concepts and methods than any one particular one.

In the next blog post – I’ll talk a bit more about what I consider to be the most integral technique – Grounding and Centering….


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