Sacred Cows Sizzling on the Fire…

I was asked once if there were any sacred cows in my own personal beliefs.  My response was that I didn’t think so.  That hasn’t changed over time.  I still don’t believe there are any sacred cows within my personal belief system.  I’m fairly open to the idea of questioning every part of what I believe – it helps me pick up something, turn it over and examine it.  I do know people who won’t question certain aspects of their belief system.

“Jesus IS Lord.”  “There is only the Lord God.”  “If you aren’t praying to God, then you are glorifying Satan.”  “Marriage is between ONE man and ONE woman.”

I can understand that – I don’t agree with any of the statements, but I can see how these are areas that can’t be challenged in those folks’ belief systems.  And while I find it very important to challenge my own beliefs – I also find it very important NOT to challenge the beliefs of others.  See, while I’m more than happy to pop a slab of sacred cow on the grill for me – that doesn’t mean I have to the same thing for another person’s beliefs.

Many folks that I have run into seem to get this idea that everyone else should participate with them on their journeys through their spiritual concepts.  When they question something in their beliefs – they feel that everyone else around them should do exactly the same thing.  I don’t feel that this is the right way to practice your own spirituality while respecting that of others.  Hmmmm.  Perhaps I’ve managed to find my own Sacred Cow…I just had to work my way through the fields to figure out how far away from the barn ol’ Bessie had gotten….


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