Political Garbage and Other Thoughts on Campaign Funds…

I peeked around the corners when I got up this morning.  I wanted to be sure that the world wasn’t going to end if I walked into the next room.  Nope.  Nothing waiting in the living room.  Nothing looked out of place in the kitchen.  Everything in the backyard seemed to be the same as it was yesterday.  The Subaru even started up just like it did yesterday afternoon.  Even the coffee pot worked as normal.  The world hadn’t changed.  Everything still worked the same.  Despite the doomsday scenario painted by many of the Conservatives I know.  And I honestly have no doubt in my mind that everything would have been exactly the same as I noted above, if former Gov. Romney had received enough electoral votes to become President of the United States.  Everything stayed the same as before.  Even the Congress.  Which makes me wonder why we needed to have an election…but I digress.

Just about everyone I know is analyzing the election.  Checking and combing through the results, like there’s a magickal formula for Coke hidden in the results.  For me, I’m simply glad that its all over.  No more campaign ads telling me how bad this candidate is or how much that candidate will totally destroy America.  Perhaps these United States can get on with the task of becoming “united” again.  From some corners, I’ve seen movements in that direction.  In others, I see folks going back to their hateful messages.  In other words, back to business as usual.

I’m fine with this way of handling politics.  After all, politicians are just about as handy as a fork when you’re needing to dig a tunnel.  A lot of my friends are into political activism of one degree or another.  That’s perfectly fine for me as well.  I can totally understand how that’s important to them.  It means nothing to me.  The politicians are involved there.  After an election cycle where both sides of the political fence spent tons of dollars on completely useless campaign ads with the sole justification of scaring people to vote in a certain manner…I’ve no use for these politicians whatsoever.  In an economy that has been completely crushed in some sectors – where many families scramble for food and shelter in the face of another oncoming storm in the New York and New Jersey areas…I honestly see far better uses for that money than some fscking political campaign.

Sincerely folks…I can see where a gesture of pushing campaign monies to help fund homeless shelters or fund the needs of people who are without homes, heat or food in the face of an oncoming Winter would have provided far more clout for any of the folks running for ANY political office.  Sure.  I saw the little fund-raisers that were hastily put together.  And I know that’s something that is completely appreciated by those folks.  Fsck, I barely have the monies I need for myself – and I gave what I could.  I just never saw that massive effort made by the campaigns.  I’ve not seen that effort made by any of the campaigns now that the election cycle is over.  And I’m positive that there will be leftovers from the campaign funds — the “war chest” so to speak.  Neither of the two big parties will be running either candidate going into the future.  Mitt Romney has become the ultimate “Mr. Irrelevant” in the political landscape.  President Obama can’t run for another term.  Where’s the ultimate gesture from these two?  After the bills for the campaign are paid – we should see both of these two “gentlemen” offering what’s left over to help people in need.  I’m willing to bet you it never happens…on either side.


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