Tricks, Treats, Weather, End the Election…an Update

So we’ve reached Samhain…one of the holiday markers that I don’t pay much attention to.  At least outwardly.  I used to sit up and give out treats at the door.  But as the small kid population here has dwindled…I’ve not seen as many small kids going door to door.  And the large kids whine and moan when they don’t get fistfuls of candy…so a few years back, I stopped giving out candy altogether.  I turn off the porch light – and usually curl up with a good book.  This year, I’ll actually be downstairs…mostly because I have major need of the computer tonight.  I have grades to get in – and an assignment due in my online certification class (which is over next week!!).  I also have some more i’s to dot and t’s to cross in my registration process for my History degree.  I hope to get that started in December (crossing fingers, eyes, and toes).  In the meantime, the next few days are typically the time I use to look back over the past year – so how I did in meeting some of my goals…and start to set new ones.  I’ll have a blog post about that sometime this weekend.

The weather up in the NorthEast has been an interesting reminder that we don’t control Nature.  We are a part of it…but the cycles and phenomenon within it are beyond our ability to control or even predict.  The rule of thumb I was taught back in the Boy Scouts was “Be Prepared”…no…well, I was taught that, but that’s not the rule of thumb regarding Nature.  “Respect Nature for all She can potentially do.”  Couple that with the preparedness aspect…and you’ve basically got the idea of how I view Nature.  She’s beautiful…She’s wonderful…and She can turn on you in a moment.  I know there’s a lot of folks suffering through what’s left behind — but there were folks who took the storm far too light.  I’m not saying that they “got what they deserved” – merely that they didn’t respect what Nature was capable of doing.  And honestly, its a lesson we don’t seem to be learning as a Nation here in the United States.  Part of my past life (only a few years back) was that of a Disaster Recovery technician.  I can’t tell you the number of times that I heard higher-ups in management state that what had just happened was a “once in a lifetime thing.”  When everything was rebuilt…nothing was done to be prepared for a similar event to occur…and surprise!  It did happen again.  And that cycle of playing the odds happened again after a rebuild…

My tolerance for politics has reached its apex.  Over the past three days, over on FaceBook, I’ve unfriended a couple of folks who post nothing but politic garbage for their respective candidates.  Plus, I also muted a few other folks whose friendship I didn’t want to lose…but essentially because they are currently posting nothing but politics.  At this point, I could give a flying fsck who wins the election – let’s just get this over with, so we can return to a life that’s somewhat as close to “normal” as possible…whatever the fsck “normal” is.  I got asked the other day who I thought would win the election.  My response was that I wasn’t sure, but I know for a fact that the American voter is the one that will be screwed…no matter who wins.

Well…on my way to other things….hoping to record the podcast on Saturday…and since the two blog postings I have here on Meditations – Trying Too Hard and Padron the Interruption… – have been met with a LOT of page views…I am tailoring the upcoming episode of the podcast to the topic.

/|\  Tommy


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