Pardon the Interruption….

So….I touched on some of the issues for me in meditation…just relaxing and letting it happen.  That takes care of one side of the meditation issue.  However, I did find another problem with meditations…and it had nothing to do with meditation technique.

Every morning possible, for the past year, I’ve developed the habit of getting up prior to the sunrise – so that I can sit outside (weather permitting) and see the start of the “new” day.  Every evening, when possible, I stop and watch the sun set, “closing” the day for me.  I’ve seen far more sunrises than I have sunsets though.  Evenings tend to become the busier parts of my day – so I don’t always have the time to stop for the sunset.  But mornings are usually the slowest part of my day…well, you get the picture.

First thing I do is clean out the coffee pot from the previous morning, and get a fresh pot brewing.  Once I get that underway, I turn my attention to the East and watch as the sky lightens up – all while going through the process of getting that kung-fu moment in my mind.  Once I manage to achieve it…I have time to reflect on my current mood.  Perhaps sleep was not the easiest last night, and I’m slightly irritated – or (like this morning) I wake up with a tight know in the back of my shoulder.  This is the time that I use to adjust those feelings, reflect on the beauty that my morning has brought to me….and be a little more positi….

::stomp stomp stomp::

Oh.  Yeah.  Forgot about the roomies.  if I get up too late, or spend too much in my focus – I tend to be interrupted by the other folks that live here.  If you can understand how frustrating it was to achieving the steps to meditation….then you can also relate to the interruptions that can occur during it.  Doorbells ringing.  Inconsiderate roommates stomping through the house.  Someone not realizing you are working on a meditative state and talking to you.  Or the cruelest moment of all:  when that wet nose from your dog or cat catches you in a sensitive spot…startling you beyond belief.

Its hard to deal with sudden interruptions of a (hopefully) serene moment.  You can get quite annoyed that someone just trampled into one of your private moments….particularly when you have achieved peace and relaxation in the grove of your soul.  Some folks I have talked with about this, have described it as a similar feeling to jumping into a mostly frozen pool of water.  I can relate to the feeling of anger at being thrust from such a serene environment, back into the chaos of this one.  I understand the momentary (or even longer) sensation of anger, disappointment, and resentment that can be leveled at the “intruder”.

I have, however, learned that its far more diplomatic to take a moment…get a deep breath.  Get a sense for where you are…and calmly respond.  Yes, its a royal pain in the backside for this to have occurred…but remember….some of these intrusions may be necessary.  Someone may need to borrow the keys to the car.  Your pet may be trying to remind you to clean the litter box (Please!).  There are always other demands on your time.  You can only be selfish about all of this to a point.

Scheduling is the primary key.  If you are aware of when (and for how long) anyone will not be in the house….schedule up your meditative moments then.  If that isn’t going to work…go somewhere else.  Here in the DFW area, there are several Public Gardens where one can go…to sit…and for the most part be undisturbed.  Another way to help block out the outside world…use headphones and pipe in some relaxing music (personally, I like Yanni, Kitaro, Douglas Spotted Eagle, R. Carlos Nakai, and Coyote Oldman) to help set the mood.  Remember, you don’t need to be deep in a trance for meditation…you just need to be relaxed….


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