Wasting A Tool….an Opinion

So with the Pagan blogosphere still talking about the Circle v. No Circle…I’ve got to say that some of the commentary on it has been….”entertaining”.  Folks are entitled to their beliefs, their opinions, their points of view — all of which are as equally valid as my own.  But that’s a blog post in the past now…

This morning, the sun came up as before…the rays peeking through the few clouds in the sky, and then reaching out beyond that with strength once clear sky was reached.  I know a lot of people who love sunsets…but honestly there’s nothing more brilliant than a sunrise.  For me, its such a magickal moment – the sun peeking around the curve of the earth, as our multi-colored marble spins round while achieving its oblong dance around Her through space…every time I see a sunrise, I’m constantly reminded how small we actually are in relation to the cosmic playground we’re in.

Its reminders like that, which allow me a few guilty moments to wonder in awe at the tools we’ve created…all the ways we’ve sought to achieve what was considered to be impossible…and how those achievements have brought us closer to together as human beings.  Take the internet, for example.  Its creation was about communications, but only for a very small subset of the human race. Over time, this tool of communications has been opened up to allow faster communications between people.  Plus, we’ve collaborated together on making the communications nearly instantaneous over extremely long distances. Consider how fast we all knew about the upcoming Tsunami in Japan…and that we watched it happen live, in real time.

And yet…in all that time, with all these new tools of communications, all this new-found ability to discuss issues in real-time, all this collaborative effort between members of the human race – we (the collective we) still wage wars.  Over what though?  Religious differences.  Political differences.  Differences of opinion.  We see it everyday on the Internet.  People arguing over who is right about this – why this person is wrong…and in true form for human beings, insults are invariably flung.  And what started as a difference in opinion turns into a war of words…and sometimes escalates beyond that.  In my opinion, what a waste of a beautiful tool.  Differences of opinion could have been used to locate common ground – a location where some similarity exists.  Such a wasted opportunity…

I see conversations all over the Internet – even within the Pagan BlogoSphere.  When I was far younger – I would have waded in, hip-high with guns blazing.  Now…I don’t see where its helpful.  Sure, people are entitled to think and say what they want…that’s the right of free speech that I believe is a primary right available to all Internet users.  (But that’s a whole topic for another day)  But its that spouting of opinion as “fact” — that statement that “my opinion is infallible” — that unbending position that “everyone else needs to follow what I believe” —- its all of that which muddies the waters.  Speaking without thinking….speaking without the realization that one may be completely wrong in their assessment…and yes, I could be wrong in my assessment here as well.  I’m well aware that this is my opinion…just as I am well aware that there will be other people who disagree with my assessment.  But instead of dismissing them out-of-hand because they disagree with me…I prefer to hear what they have to say.  I’d rather find out why they believe as they do…and in doing so, find that common ground with them.

Perhaps its from reading some of the comments made to Teo’s post about the Circle issue at the Denver Pagan Pride Day…or even the current sickening division of people here in America as we near a contentious Presidential election…or maybe its a whole host of other observations that I’ve made over the years (and even participated in – I’m no Saint in all this fscking shitski either)…but I do believe we’re wasting a wonderful opportunity and tool to shrink our world a little more.  We can now keep daily communications with people across the world via a wide variety of methods – Email, Video, Instant Chat, Voice communications — and all thanks to the wonderful communications conduit we call the Internet.

Honestly, I would not be on the Spiritual Path I am on now if it weren’t for the Internet.  I would never have known about the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids without the Internet.  I would never have come across Damh’s podcast “Druidcast” without the Internet.  I would never have known about the wide variety of perspectives and opinions of other Pagan Podcasters without the Internet.  I would not have some of the friends I now have without the Internet.  To utilize that tool to add to the chorus of anger…well, it seems like such a waste to me…

But then….I’m most likely just that crazy Pagan dude….  /|\


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