To Vote or Not to Vote — That’s Not a Question…Its a Choice

For the next two weeks – most people (at least here in the States) will have their minds on the Presidential election.  As most folks who have read this blog or heard the podcast know – I’m not into politics.  I don’t really give a hang about what the politicians have to say or what the talking heads want to read into their statements.  Personally, I can read and listen critically for myself – and am capable of drawing my own conclusions.  That said – I’ve known for quite some time who I was casting my vote for – and plan to do so via early voting on Wednesday morning.  Once I cast my vote, my interest in the election cycle drops into the negative numbers – because frankly I care even less what the politicians have to say at that point.

With all that said – let me add one more thing.  If you are of voting age, cast a vote.  I honestly could give a royal fart who you vote for.  Just cast a vote.  Now, I’m not going to sit on this side of the monitor and say that you have no right to complain if you don’t cast a vote.  To me, that’s a bullshit statement.  You pay taxes – you have every right to complain and comment on the government.  They are spending your monies regardless of whether you cast a vote or not.  (That’s solely my opinion, folks)  However, the reasoning I throw in here is that it is your government.  Its a representative government.  They work for you (at least in theory).  Participating in the process is not mandatory, but it certainly is the correct thing to do.  Hang the concept of “civic duty” and all that crap.  Vote – because you WANT to vote.  Not because you HAVE to vote.  For several election cycles, I wasn’t enamored with ANY of the candidates for office.  And in many ways, I’m still not.  On those occasions where I didn’t have a candidate to vote for – I still went and cast a ballot.  It was an empty ballot with no choices selected, but it was still a ballot that was cast.  (And yes, I am well aware that in the State of Texas, such a ballot is not counted)  Still not enough to get you to go out and vote?  That’s ok.  You have that right – and in choosing to stay home, you have just as much right to complain about the government as anyone else.

I know there will be people who disagree with that position.  Perfectly fine by me.  Trust me, I completely understand.  I don’t see any need to piss on your shoes or set your hair on fire because you disagree with me.  Everyone is entitled to their own point of view…after all that’s the freedom we have here.  Anyone who thinks I’m poking them in the eye or the chest over my opinion — that’s not my intent whatsoever.  I don’t get into confrontation.  I get into an exchange of ideas in a civil manner.  Anyone in my local area (Dallas/Fort Worth) that ever wants to sit down and talk about this type of stuff (or anything else) — keep your eyeballs peeled.  I’m looking to create a Meetup here in the near future for one Saturday per month…just to sit and talk about stuff.  I’ll have more on that after Samhain…

In the meantime…if you feel compelled to vote…do it.  If you don’t feel that way or have no reason to cast a vote….don’t feel guilty about that.  Your point of view is just as valid as anyone else’s.



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