Don’t Fence Me in Bro’…

Teo Bishop wrote a blog posting about circles…and noted some of the issues I have always had with circle castings. The blog posting, titled “I Felt Ashamed at Pagan Pride” centers – from what I gleaned from it – on how the casting of the Circle created a boundary between those involved in the rite…and those on the outside.  And while the feelings tied to the posting are quite personal to Teo’s perspective – it has drawn a lot of points on the “proper” way to cast a Circle in the commentary.  Personally, I just don’t see that as being the most important part of the post — instead it brings to my mind the manner of drawing a distinction between “this” being *Sacred Space* and “this” not being such – through the delineation created by a Circle casting.

Its that delineation that made me realize that Circle casting just didn’t fit my understanding of the world around me.  No matter where I am – no matter what I do – *all* of “this” *IS* *Sacred Space*.  Regardless of what I am doing, what I am saying, what I am seeing — its all part of the awesome Rite of Daily-Life.  When I work my celebrations of the Wheel of the Year, my Sacred Space is everywhere.  I have no need of a Circle to mark what is part of my celebration…or any magickal working that I do…or any rite I perform.  Regardless of whether its the middle of a forest, or smack in the middle of the city, or even on a boat in the middle of the ocean — its *ALL* Sacred Space in my opinion.

I might be taking Teo’s perspective a step to the left, right, front or rear of what was meant — but I grok what was meant.  The idea of being inclusive means to include – not exclude.  Yeah, that flies in the face of what many Pagans believe and understand — but its not meant to be an insult….just an observation….

Perhaps I am becoming that crazy Pagan that some folks believe me to be…but that’s ok too…I’m just living my Spiritual Life in the manner that I best understand.  Me.  That crazy Pagan.


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