A Few Steps Away From FaceBook…

Four years ago – I didn’t care much for the political news cycle that was associated with the Presidential election.  Over the course of that four years, the cacophony associated with the political scene has gotten louder with a much stronger odor of anger and hate from both sides of the spectrum.  And with everyone seeing apocalyptic signs in the election process (dubious “signs” from my perspective) – the volume on the process is ramped beyond belief.  This, of course, means that similar feelings and musings are spilling over into many other aspects of daily life.  People are attaining more bravado in confronting people over differences in areas such as personal sexuality, and even religious perspective.  And all of that is driving me crazy.

Normally, I ignore such banter – and dismiss it in favor of moving forward with other more positive aspects of my daily life.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case.  In my online world, I’m far more active on FaceBook than anywhere else.  I’ve always viewed it as a place where I could have fun banter with the folks I know – even those I disagree with on a political, social and/or religious perspective.  Over the past few months – the re-sharing of political slogans and the such have become greater and grater – and I’m guilty of it as much as anyone else.

To remedy that – I’ve decided to utilize FaceBook for far less personal interaction, and bring my old LiveJournal account out of mothballs.  This works a two-fold purpose for me.  One, it gets me away from the political, social and religious postings that seem to be rampant throughout FaceBook.  Second, it forces me to actually write a lot more substance.  Instead of song lyrics that inspire, or small sayings or quotes – I can expound much further on my thoughts.  In essence, I’ll get back to writing my thoughts from a coherent point of view, rather than dropping into smaller, far less cohesive statements.

For those wanting to join up with me over on LiveJournal – I can be found at:  http://elfster22.livejournal.com/profile .  This doesn’t mean I am abandoning my FaceBook account, just that I will be spending far less time on it than I have previously.


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