Happiness Junkies

Happiness.  Its not a terribly difficult concept.  Everyone has something that makes them happy.  A particular story.  A song.  A musical artist.  A clear blue sky coupled with a warm day.  Presents received on a birthday.  Or Christmas.  Time spent with friends at a local pub.  Or coffee shop.  A particular food.  And so on.

We all strive to find happiness in our lives.  We look to make each day a meaningful event, one where laughter and pleasant thoughts permeate every moment.  Sometimes, we succeed.  Sometimes we don’t.  But there’s always the continual movement towards the next moment of happiness.  And once we reach it, we grab hold and gobble up every moment…until those moments of happiness are gone, and then we wish we could have savored it just a little more.  In essence, we spend our lives as happiness junkies.  Seeking to achieve that next fix.  And once we’re beyond that moment, moving forward to find the next  moments.

Laughter, companionship, beauty, wonderful tastes.  All wonderful things to strive for.  My moments of happiness are no different in that regard.  A good, strong cup of coffee with a small dash of sweetener, and hazelnut creamer.  Mix in moments of quiet, watching the sunrise, with my cat Kaylee next to me.  Me scratching her between her ears – achieving her zone of happiness.  If I could have that moment all day – it would be a perfect day.

…and then there’s the people who leave me scratching my head.  Their idea of happiness is to spend the last three years finding fault with the President of the United States.  Or railing against Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid.  Angry tirades against every small piece of minutiae that each may do or say.  They must enjoy these outbursts against individuals in the government.  They do it all the time.  Obama’s this.  Pelosi’s that.  They throw around terms like “communism” and “socialism” as catch-phrases to describe everything that doesn’t line up with their political perspective.  They utilize terms like “liberal” and “progressive” as slurs.  Some of them seem to spend every moment of their waking days doing this.  Therefore, the only conclusion I can draw is that this philosophy of rage makes them happy.

…and that leaves me to wonder:  what are these people going to do if the President loses the election?  They won’t have the government to focus their rage and anger against – they will have “won” – right?  And that’s where my worry comes from.  Not that these people are out there.  I’m more worried about where they will focus that rage after the election – provided that their candidate wins.  After all, isn’t it that rage that seems to make them feel a measure of happiness?  Where will they seek that happiness going into the future, if their candidate wins the election?


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