Update on Potential PPD Event in Dallas

Well, I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed with the return I received for offers of assistance for putting together a Pagan Pride Day event here in Dallas – or of even discovering that such an event was already in the planning stages, but just hadn’t been mentioned prominently.  I received a total of three responses to the idea of re-creating from scratch.  One was an offer of help, another was an offer of information, and the third was a simple query of what could be done.  With this now being early July, putting together such an event for this year is increasingly unlikely – especially given the underwhelming response.

I’m not discouraged though.  Its not too early to see what planning can go into such an event for 2013 – say Octoberish…so my focus will shift to generating assistance towards that goal instead.  For 2012, I’m making plans to attend the Austin Pagan Pride Day event being held at Zilker Park on September 22nd.  I’ll be bringing my digital mp3 recorder, iPhone and laptop with me – and hope to get a chance to record thoughts and such from various folk there – including listeners.  In a way, this is inspired from the 100th episode of The Wigglian Way, where Mojo (the great!) and Sparrow (the gorgeous!) invited listeners to send their greetings in to the show.  Well, here’s a chance for folks to include themselves in this show…and get a chance to shake hands with me.  I’m excited about this…and am hoping to some of the thoughts and energy of such an event to the podcast.

Now I know a few folks might be a bit discouraged over all of this…I am.  I was hoping for an event here in the DFW area.  However, as I had noted early on in the rumination of the idea — I am not an organizer of any sort.  Me putting things completely together by myself won’t work.  I can try and get folks together, work with them, and get things going in that direction.  But by myself?  That would be an unmitigated disaster.  I know my limitations.  So, instead of marinating in the idea of what “went wrong” – I’d rather focus on the idea of trying to continue working towards getting something to work for NEXT YEAR instead.  I know we, as a community of Pagans here in DFW, can make this happen.  The question isn’t so much how we make it happen, but if we want it to happen at all.  If the answer to making it happen is “yes” – then we’ll all have to work together (and shouldn’t we as a community?) to bring it forth from the germinating seed of an idea to that of a flowering, mature plant bearing fruit.


2 thoughts on “Update on Potential PPD Event in Dallas

  1. I am still of the opinion, and it is a sad one, that as much as Pagans scream that they want community and they want unity, they are not willing to step up and help or organize. It is fine to sit around with other pagans and discuss the sad state of pagan community on the DFW area, but when asked what they are willing to do, the question falls on the floor. If someone is planning pn an event already, then yes they need to get it advertised or it will fall into the same fate as last years PPD. Between the podcasts that originate on the DFW area, yours and the one being run by Rose and Renny. Add to that getting it touch with COG so they can advertise it at COG events, plus getting with CUUPS and having it announced at ALL the UU churches in the DFW area, then you might have a PPD worth going to. To me this is the best advertising for the pagan community. We really don't want or need it advertised in the paper, or on the radio, that would just invite a protesting crowd which would turn ugly fast and keep people away. Since they have not contacted you for advertising then I must assume they are either not serious about actually putting the event together, which means they want the status of being "organizer" without following through, or they have no clue how to get the word out past the few covens that they know, again that will end in disaster. If this had been a UU sponsored event, then we would have heard about it from the people we know that attend UU churches. We both have friends in the Denton UU church, and I would have heard about from some people I know that go to the Jefferson UU church. I eagerly await news of a DFW PPD, but think we may join you in Austin as they seem to have a more cohesive community down there.

  2. Charlie;I completely agree with you. I would posit that its more than just the Pagan community that suffers from this though. During my time in the Christian communities, a similar aspect happened – where certain folks lead the organizing charge for all the church-related events. I would even venture further into guessing that the Unitarian communities have similar issues to a certain extent. Getting people off their duffs to step up and help out with the organization and planning of an event is difficult – most people don't want to step into roles of responsibility, just in case things go south.As for the advertising aspect – yes, the UU communities do a far better job of this than the Pagan community does, by far. Advertising in newspapers and radios could bring about a potential confrontation – but at the same time, such confrontations would be fairly moot if organized properly. Troublemakers can be escorted off of private property – or if on public property and a proper permit has been obtained, intervention from the local constabulary would be possible. But hopefully, an issue like that can be resolved long before it gets to that particular point.I sincerely doubt the ability of a PPD event for this year to be capable of getting off the ground – especially at this late hour in the calendar. Thus, the reason I will be heading to Austin. I don't look at this as a failure…but merely a setback. its an issue I will continue talking about whenever I get the chance…after all, momentum has to be gained somewhere, right?

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