Thoughts on Daily Rituals

Happy Beltane, May Day weekend, Cinco de Mayo…whatever you want to call it.  For me, its another turn of the Wheel of the Year — and like yesterday, another morning where I got to watch the sunrise.  I enjoy days where I can take a few minutes of my morning, sit with a cup of coffee, and watch the sun peek over the horizon. Lately, the color of the sunrise has been somewhat pastel — little pinks and faint yellows.  In my opinion, its always prettier than the sunset.

I’ve started to get back into my habit of rising before the sun to greet it on its Path through the sky, and spending a few minutes at the end of the day to whisper a soft goodnight as it dips beneath the horizon and into its quiet bed.  I really thought I would have a difficult time bringing this little ritual back into my Life – especially since I had discontinued it during this last Semester I’ve been teaching.  Its a little difficult to find the time to watch a sunrise or a sunset when you’re due in class during those times.  However, I’ve come to the realization that it doesn’t matter when I actually say my good mornings or good nights…as long as I continue the practice of doing so.  The practice of acknowledging the Divine in the world around me.  And honestly, I was happily surprised to find how easy this particular ritual has come back into my Life – as well as how comfortable it feels to bring it back.  Sort of like the old sweater that you put away for the Spring and Summer – and have brought back out for Fall and Winter.  Its fits “just right”…even if it is a little thread-worn in a few places…and a little out of style with the current fashions.  Its fits…like its never been gone.  And that fit is not only comfortable…but I’m glad to have it back.

I should have a new podcast episode for “From the Edge of the Circle” ready by the end of the coming week.  I will probably discuss the particular point above — the daily rituals that we have in our lives.  The ritual cup of coffee we have each morning.  Our rituals of sitting down in front of the TV to catch a short bit of the local news, the local traffic, and the local weather.  And how our lives can sometimes feel empty when things disappear.  Take for example, “The Mark Davis Show” that has been airing on 820am WBAP, here in the DFW area for the last eighteen years.  For a lot of people, the ritual of spending a part of the day listening to Mark discuss politics of the day, along with observations on various news — that’s all gone now.  Mark’s contract was not renewed at WBAP at the end of March – and the airwaves seem quieter and less relevant without him.  I’m sure a lot of people are developing new morning rituals arounds those particular time-frames that they listened…I know I have.  Given that the replacement host for Mark is an individual that I find to be dis-tasteful and unintelligent – I’ve turned to the smarter folks in the world:  my fellow Pagan podcasters.  Slowly, I’m catching up on the various podcasts that I am behind on….

Speaking of my fellow podcasters – congrats to the Wigglian Way on their upcoming 100th episode!!  No offense meant to anyone else out there — but Mojo is one of the smartest guys on the pod-waves out there…and Sparrow…well, let’s say (and keep it somewhat clean) that she has a voice that makes the day very smooth.  🙂  Seriously – if you’re not listening to these two….you need to be.  Again, congrats to both of you!  100 episodes of one of the best podcasts out there — and I’m looking forward to another 100 episodes coming in the future!!!

Well, its time for me to get back to grading — but not before I say good-night to the Sun on its daily journey…in the meantime, ya’ll be good to one another – and to each other!  See you on the Edge!!


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