A Few Small Updates…

Been working on the new podcast.  Partially completed at this point.  Will have the time to work on the rest tomorrow in the early part of the day.  The topic is more of an observation that I have on Spring and the way it lets me enjoy my walks and the basic everyday routine of my day.


A few days back, I received an invite to the Pagan Podcast Supermoot 2012.  While I am really honored to receive an invite to the event, I had to decline the invitation.  The timing just won’t work with the college classes I am teaching.  Still jealous of all the folk that will get to go – but my obligations for those classes are already in place.


Those still looking for me to make some kind of commentary on the political scene in America will be severely disappointed.  I’ve not paid any attention to any of that stuff – and can’t really even tell you which candidates are running and which have dropped out.  More so, I don’t really care.  There’s so many other things that I consider to be far more important that I can fill my time with during the day.


One good thing about the logjam of stuff to get done finally being broken:  I can get back to writing poetry and personal journal logs again.  Even better, I can get back to focusing on my OBOD materials, and spending my spare time in the outdoors.  Anytime that can happen – life is getting better….


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