Calendars, Business Ethics Papers, and My Diminishing Free-Time

Well, as I sit here trying to pull my thoughts together for my latest paper – an ethics paper on BP’s role in various oil spills around the world, and I HATE writing papers related to business ethics – I saw on the calendar that today is Good Friday.  Been a long time since I’ve noticed that holiday on its regular day.  Usually, I look up, Easter has passed along, and I remember that Good Friday preceded it somewhere prior to that.  Bad former Catholic!  Bad!  Bad!  Of course, I tend to look up and notice that some Sabbath or Esbat or some other seasonal or cyclic holiday period has passed by as well.  What can I say?  I’ve never been big on celebrating my daily ritual of Life on specified days.  Each day holds special meaning to me – regardless of the Sun or Moon phase or spot on a calendar.  For me, Life has never been about calendars or stuff like that.  But I’m always amused whenever I happen to stumble upon those calendar observances on the “correct” day.

This weekend’s major significance for me is finishing up the class where I am a student.  I have two papers on business ethics to wrangle forth before Sunday night.  As I mentioned, the first is on oil-related “disasters” where BP has been one of the primary focal points.  It would be easier for me if the topic could be aimed towards a natural preservation perspective, but its on the ethical aspect of business in how BP has handled its roles.  The second paper, a 12-page monster, is on looking at the ethical nature of the Duke lacrosse team issue from quite a few years back.  Not really sure how I will approach this particular paper – considering I spent most of the time during the news coverage pointedly ignoring all the stories.  Just not something I consider wasting my time reading about.  So, that paper will not be an easy one to write.

Next weekend, I’ll be back with the podcast.  Once I complete this particular class, my time frees up quite a bit…and I’m really looking forward to having the time to accomplish some of the things that I want to do.  ðŸ™‚


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