Sucking the Marrow of the Moment

A few weeks back, I was watching the movie “Blade Runner” on TV.  During the movie, I noticed a theme running through the statements made by the Replicants.  It went along the lines of how their experiences would cease to be “remembered” upon their death.  Further punctuating that thought was the apparent obsession that the Replicant Leon has with a set of photographs.  Apparently, the photographs are linked with the false memories planted in his programming, so as to make him seem more human.

Shortly after the movie, I looked around my room and started to see aspects of that thematic within my life.  My computer is filled with things that evoke emotional responses linked to memories.  For instance, there are pieces of music within my digital collection that provoke memories through either a sound or a set of lyrics.  Also on my computer are stored several digital photographs of places I have visited.  Pictures of the stone circle at the United States Air Force Academy.  Images taken in the are of the Mogollan Rim in the mountains of Arizona.  Several other images of people who have played roles in my life – Past and Present.  Each image evokes a memory – an experience within my Life.  And its the sum of those experiences that propel me forward – always seeking more experiences – or as was expressed in the movie “Dead Poet’s Society”:  my desire to suck the marrow straight from the bones of Life.  The marrow playing the poetic moment of experience, and the bones cast in the role of Life itself.

Life is about experiences – both attaining the experience, as well as the chase of achieving it.  Each part to be savored for succulent, tantalizing moments – and then to be remembered for what it provided.  Under that framework, I can place all aspects of my travels along my Path.  Each moment building towards others – compiled together, these moments become the fabric of who I am, where I have been, and what I am striving towards.  Over-analyzed, each moment dissipates into a series of reflexive moments – dictated by reflex-memory and explained in ways biological and psychological.  The marrow evaporating like the steam of an experiment.  But, when I take each moment – revel in the momentary feeling and experience – I discover more about who I am, where I am, where I want to go – laid out in a series of magickal moments that I do not need to explain any further.


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