Still Alive….

Haven’t posted much over the past two weeks…mostly for two reasons….1) I’ve been busy trying to get a b0rked class back together.  That issue still isn’t completely resolved…but its closer than it was before.  2) There really hasn’t been much to talk about.  Sure, there’s always politics…it seems to be in every corner of the news these days…but that bullshit puts me to sleep inside of twenty seconds.  With nothing major floating around in my brain…its really tough to come up with things to type about.

Regardless of all of that — I made it to my school’s Spring Break period.  Now I’ll get the chance to relax and catch up on some sleep – as well as catch up on some of the grading I have left to do – AND finally get the latest podcast finished (sometime tomorrow, since I do have an abundance of free time).  Rest assured, I haven’t died which is a good thing — unless you had the bet in the pool that I had…


2 thoughts on “Still Alive….

  1. Took a quick peek over there. Some of the stuff looks interesting – some of it seems more of a push to sell product. ::shrug:: But if folks get something out of it…that makes it a good thing for them.

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