All Right – Who Moved the First 22 Days of the Month?

Wow….its the 23rd already?  Life moves along quite quickly when you’ve got your head down and focusing on the details.  LOL

Running a little behind on a few things – obviously student grades are my focus for the movement.  I’ve been recording the newest podcast episode in small pieces — so its not quite finished.  I’m hoping to have the free time to accomplish that on Wednesday.  ::crossing fingers::

Let’s see.  News.  Well, there’s the “debates” — but considering that I am not paying any attention to politics and could really give a hang about who wins the popular-kid-in-school election in November…this really becomes a non-news item.  Joe Paterno (I had to look up his last name) passed away a couple of days ago.  Honestly, every time I hear the guy’s name – I sit back for a few moments and say “who the fuck is that and why is he grabbing headlines?”  Then when I read a few lines of the news story…I remember who the guy is and move along to the next story.  If you’re noticing that I’m not really paying much attention to the “news”…you’re right.  I’m focusing on a lot of other things – and once I get through those things, I’m sure I can find other things to occupy my time than the news and politics.

Speaking of which, I’m about to lose some walking days (stationary bike – I think I remember leaving you under that pile of clothes in the corner) to the rain.  Honestly, we could use a lot of the rain….and a lot more behind it.  I just want to know where winter went.  Its in the mid-60s here right now.  I was sort of looking forward to a nice change of pace weather-wise.  But this is Texas…they say if you don’t like the weather – wait fifteen minutes.  It’ll be fifty degrees hotter than the sun…

I guess I should get everything into motion now.  I have two classes I’m hoping to have graded before I hit the hay…  ::sigh::


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