Busy Days – Fridays and Sundays Become My Days Off…Sort of…

Wow, its been a busy week.  With four classes starting at the JuCo and two classes entering week three at the Uni — life’s been super busy.  Eventually, the classes at the JuCo will slow down and settle into a rhythm – but until then, I just have to endure the ball of chaos these classes have become.

My MBA class (the result of me dropping out of my Doctorate program is that I only have to complete three more classes for an MBA) has also started.  My first assignment isn’t due for another five days – but I plan on finishing that later tonight.  I’ll be glad when this particular degree is completed – and I can flip the finger to Northcentral University and all their bullshit changing rules and procedures.

So, enough of that stuff…

There have been other changes in my life that I am quite happy about.  The one that has me the happiest (and saddest at the same time) is that I traded in my beloved Ford Ranger for a Subaru Forester.  While I was extremely happy with my Ranger – I wasn’t really happy with the fuel economy that I was getting.  In changing over to the Subaru, I get better mpg driving in the city (about 26 mpg) than I did in highway driving with the truck (about 23 mpg).  In highway driving, I get somewhere close to 28mpg with the Forester – though I’ve not gone on a very long trip yet.  I plan on doing that during the Spring Break – driving over to Arkansas to visit my parents.  That trip should give me a far better indicator of what kind of mileage I can expect in highway driving.  The Forester itself is a very nice ride.  I don’t get near the road noise that I had previously gotten in the truck – plus its a much smoother ride.  The Forester also has all-wheel drive, which is far better than the truck’s rear-wheel drive.  I had been looking at hybrid-electric and all-electric options as well.  However, the deeper I looked into the technology, the more I was convinced that its just not as robust a technology at this time for me.  Considering I put nearly 120 miles on my trips to teach classes on Tuesdays…I certainly needed something I could count on for those miles.  My next vehicle purchase (which will be much further down the line now) will likely be in the hybrid-electric or all-electric vein – when the technology has had a chance to mature a little further.

I’ve also been a little remiss in getting a podcast episode out.  However, a little later this afternoon, I should be making a change where that’s concerned.  🙂  I’ll be talking a bit more about the concept of magick in my life.  My take on this subject is very different from most Pagans I’ve talked with…and I’ve even heard some of these folks tell me that I didn’t know anything about magick because I didn’t practice it the way that they did.  In the past, I’d be very likely to argue with them over this…but these days, I’ve found its just a lot easier to nod and not pursue the issue.

This is also a similar path that I have begun to pursue with politics.  Many, many of the Pagans that I know are very politically active.  I constantly get Emails asking me to sign this petition or participate in that protest movement.  I’ve even received Emails asking me to talk about the Presidential election on the podcast – and which candidate I would support.  Usually, I have to respond that I’m completely uninterested in the Presidential candidates that are set forth at this time.  I’m uninterested in re-electing the President.  I’m uninterested in any of the candidates in the Republican field.  I have some minor interest in Gary Johnson, but am awaiting to see if the Libertarian party will accept him as their nominee or not.  The most likely result is that I will not participate in the upcoming election nor pay much attention to the upcoming Fall campaigns.  They way I’m seeing this, if I can’t vote *for* a candidate then I’m not about to waste my time voting *against* some other candidate.  There are folks who disagree with that stance, and tell me I have no “right” to complain if I don’t bother to vote.  That’s cool.  People are entitled to their opinions – I don’t have to agree with it.

Now, the weather has not cooperated a whole lot these days for me to walk.  However, today is a little different.  Its going to be 80F – and I *definitely* plan on getting outdoors!!

Hope everyone is having a good day!!  If its possible for you – get outside and enjoy, regardless of the weather….



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