Odds and Ends, Stems and Pieces…Yeah, Something Like That…

Just a few things of note here and there…

I know its been a while since I’ve posted – but that’s mostly due to Finals week for the students.  Tomorrow is my last Final Exam – and I’ll have final grades in late Wednesday or early Thursday.  After that – my time becomes my own and I can write a bit more in-depth on various things rattling around in my head – as well as get a podcast episode completed and out the door.

A lot of folks have been wanting me to comment on a story out of Georgia on a Pagan child’s “harassment”  in class.  To be honest – the only article I’ve seen so far is a heavily slanted article depicting the child’s particular perspective.  So I can’t really sit back and point any fingers or get angry about a single-sided perspective.  From what I’ve read – parts of the issue were handled poorly, other parts were handled somewhat well.  But again, I wasn’t there – and I only have one side of the issue to draw a conclusion from — and I just don’t do things like that.

Yule is coming up around the bend.  And while I haven’t done a lot of decorating (I don’t usually do much of that), I am hearing the rumblings that the “war on Christmas” is alive and well this year.  I have to throw the bullshit flag on that — but that’s a rant for another time-frame (such as the podcast I will put out in mid-December).

The weather, on the other hand, is turning decisively colder.  In fact, just west of me, and not by very many miles, there have been reports of snow flurries…here in Texas.  About 40-50 miles west of me.  Snow.  Already.  Damn that was fast.  LOL

In the meantime – I need to go and put things together for tomorrow’s Final Exams…see ya’ll soon enough…


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