Ocupado – Its Just Not For Me…

Politics.  Sorry folks.  I’m not a fan.  I get a large ton of Emails from a lot of folks – including blood relatives – all touting this political perspective or that political point.  And I do the same thing with all of them…I give it a cursory glance, realize its politics, and put it in the trash can.  I’m not a political animal.  At least not anymore.  Back around 2001, I was extremely into politics.  I read everything I could from both Republican and Democratic voices.  I even dropped some attention to the various third-party groups.  I listened to Talk Radio non-stop.  I was the definition of a political and news junkie.

Then at a point around 2005, I came to a personal realization.  None of this was doing anything for me.  The stuff I was listening to was the opinion of someone else, who was on the airwaves to get people to parrot those views.  That was why it was always the same points, over and over and over again throughout the week.  I wasn’t formulating my own understanding of everything out there – I was becoming the epitome of a xeroxed piece of paper – a reflection of someone else’s perspective.  In essence I was letting them think for me.  Once I came to that realization – I stopped reading the web sites I was going to, I stopped listening to the Talk Radio programs…and I tuned into my own life and found what was important to me.  Now, I slipped a bit when President Obama was running for office – and started back into that same political vein.  But I found I had lost most of my taste for it.  Once I started listening to the Talk programs and reading the various political blogs — it looked more like angry people arguing amongst themselves.  And no one was bothering to listen to the other side of the argument.  It seemed like everyone merely wanted to vent their spleen and then continue the same fight – rather then finding middle ground and agreement, so that something could be accomplished.  It didn’t take me long to step right back out of the political realm.

Lately, the Pagan blogosphere has been ringing about the DC40 rally, as well as the recent “Occupy Wall Street” one.  And I’ve been accumulating the requisite mass-mailings concerning both from a wide variety of locations.  Where my friends and extended family will send me one side of that spectrum, my blood-related family will send me the other.  All of it has that same hollow ring that the political spectrum had back during the first election run for President Obama.  The same empty “arguing” that isn’t quite an argument.  That familiar shouting to make a point the loudest in the crowd – rather than trying to find that important middle ground, where shouting can turn into arguing and then slowly morph into a discussion that is welded together under the seam of common understanding.  Granted, there are people who do not wish to even attempt to seek that thread of commonality.  But rather revel in the differences and the wide nature of the chasm of division.

I used to hide my beliefs from my blood related family.  Knowing the strong evangelical background that courses through my family tree – I know that being a Pagan and following a Druidic path would not be well accepted.  And it hasn’t been.  I have been called a “Satan worshipper” and been told that I was “going to burn in the eternal fires of Hell” by more than one member of the family.  But I’ve also been embraced by a smaller contingent of the younger members of the family – who seem to be more accepting of their “strange” second cousin.  But they are by far a smaller contingent of the family.  However, in trying to bring an example to the plate – I’m diverging from my point slightly….

I’m not a political person.  Not because I have disdain or dislike for any of the political parties or their concepts of how government should be run.  I’m not a political person because I don’t see any positive progress in how the discourse of difference is being made.  I grok that people are strong and passionate about their belief in a particular political position or even a particular spiritual Path.  Its part of what drives them forward in their lives and produces the results of making them who they are.  That’s why I’m passionate about being a Druidic Path through the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids.  Many of the lessons speak to things that I believe and can be adapted to assist me in changing the way I currently live my Life.  I just don’t see that same result in adding my voice to such things as the protest of the DC40 or being a part of the “Occupy Wall Street” movements.  It may provide that “ooomph” that someone else may be seeking — but it certainly doesn’t for me.

For those reading this and thinking that I am saying something negative about either of these protest movements…you are reading far too deep into my statements.  The point I am making is not that I believe that the movements are “worthless” or “useless” — but rather that neither of these movements fit into my own personal Path.  These protest movements might work for others – just as being extremely political may work for others as well — its just not for me.


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