Not No – Its Not Yet…Rest in Peace Steve…

I found out about ten minutes ago.  Steve Jobs passed away.  I can’t let the day go by without typing SOMETHING about this.  I didn’t know the man personally.  Never met him.  But his influence is everywhere in my life.  The iPod that I carry on my walks.  The iMac I’m currently typing on.  The big shift I made from Windows to OSX a little more than three years ago.  I record the podcast “From the Edge of the Circle” on the iMac using the application Garageband.  All Apple products.  Many of these products came from ideas out of Steve Jobs head.  Certainly, there were engineers and developers at Apple that made these ideas into a reality — and if you’ve watched any Steve-Note, you’ve heard him constantly and continually praise those individuals for all the hard work that they’ve put into the products that the company makes.  Those people believe in his vision.  They believe in the ideas that he comes up – and they bring those ideas to life through their engineering.  Steve Jobs will always be a true visionary, the prime example of how innovation and ideas can drive products to market — and how those products can literally change the lives of the people who use them.

In my Introduction to Business Communications classes – I have a few videos documenting Steve-Notes and how Apple came from a small company in a garage to become the power-player in the Technology world.  I show those videos in every class.  I try to show the students that Steve’s vision was always augmented with his magickal personality.  He had a unique way of showcasing the products in such a way, that you felt he was in YOUR living room, just talking with you about what this computer could do, how Apple had improved this iPod, how this particular piece of software was something that was going to help propel Apple into the next level…  Yes, it was marketing for the products, but you only had to listen to him and you could feel the magickal…and you knew he wouldn’t be saying what he was unless he really believed in the product.

There won’t be another like him.  He’s quite unique.  And while there is a degree of mourning that we should all undertake…there’s also a lot of celebratory aspects to this as well.  Steve showed us the way.  He showed us what we can accomplish if we dream – and DREAM BIG.  It was never ever “no” for him…instead it was “not yet”…


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