Stems and Pieces….or Odds and Ends if You Prefer…

Another of those mornings that I love to have….the geese made their squadron fly-over just as I was pushing the recycling bin (it has wheels on it) to the curb.  The number used to be seven.  Now its ten.  And they are still loud as ever headed up to their pond.  But, like every morning I hear them – it put a huge smile on my face and always helped remind me to put out the birdseed this morning as well.

Saturday night and Sunday night – I had a pair of prolonged bouts with insomnia.  Usually, I don’t have too difficult a time going to sleep.  However, adding up both sleep periods, I had six total hours over a 48-hour period.  I’m not as young as I used to be — and I definitely need my sleep to recharge for the day — and the result was me dragging through my day in the classroom.  It certainly happens from time to time…and I definitely got a ton of sleep last night.  Still a little tired and sleepy this morning, even after my usual cup of coffee — but that’s all right.  I’ll cope and make it through the day – despite the long drive to and from Fort Worth for tonight’s class.

It certainly seems like the political waters are getting charged and choppy again.  Folks seem to want to talk more about this candidate or that issue — even at the school.  Honestly, I’ve lost my taste for the stuff.  I pay attention to the political issues that will affect the InfoTech and InfoSec worlds — but beyond that, I just don’t seem to have that particular fire ablaze or even smouldering.  Yesterday, at the school, one of my colleagues asked me who I was planning on voting for in the impending Presidential election.  After a prolonged back and forth, he asked if I was a Democrat or a Socialist.  When I replied I was neither…he identified himself as a “Christian Tea Party” member and wanted to know if I was interested in joining up with his “group”.  Again, I politely declined – noted my disinterest in politics of any sort, found my Whiteboard notes and went to prepare my classroom for the morning’s class.

No matter where I go or who I talk with — everyone seems to be completely into this politics thing.  I grok that everyone is going to be caught up in the Presidential politics to one degree or another as we get closer to the election.  Nine Hells, I was caught up in that shit for a while during the last election.  But honestly, I’m not interested this time around.  I’m really not.  I have far more important things to get on with in my life…

Speaking of which…new podcast coming down the pike in the next few days.  Per request, I’ll be tackling the topic of Solstice/Equinox observances.  Lots of other festivals (such as Samhain and Beltane) seem to get all the babble and rousing….but for me, there’s a really special component to these particular points in the year.  I’ll also be dragging back with some new poetry, as well as talking about a few of the books I’ve recently read….really looking forward to putting things together — but its going to have to wait until Friday, when I have some free time available…until then, I’ll be able to record small bits and pieces of it.  Still looking forward to having some fun with all of it.

….and while I’m at it…I was wondering if I should consider a short five to ten minute v-cast as well?  I’ve not really played much with the video side of things…anyone think it might be a worthy component??  Or am I much too likely to scare small children?  LOL


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