Great song by David Bowie…but its also indicative of a cross-roads moment in my Life as well.  For the past three-plus years, I’ve been putting my heart and soul into a Doctorate degree at Northcentral University.  Now that I’m entering the doctoral thesis stage, I’ve begun to realize I’m in the wrong program at the wrong college.  See, my emphasis is on cyberwar and its effects on the internet’s public infrastructure, as well as the related and connected infrastructure of government regulated utilities.  With the concept of asymmetrical warfare at the forefront – its been difficult to sandwich the aspect of business into the topic.  In working my topic paper for my current class, I came to a realization that my focus is more from a military application than that of a business – and with the NCU emphasis being that of business…well, I’m just in the wrong place.  So, I’m starting to de-emphasis my time of working on my current class — I’ll still finish it — just not going to through my “all” into it.  I’ll put enough forward to get finished — and then find a new program at a different college with the correct focus.  I thought I would be completely stressed out over this type of change — but to be honest, I feel a lot better after sitting down and contemplating where I was going wrong with this…still, I walk out of this program with all the experiences that I’ve had — a few negative ones, but enough positive ones that I’m perfectly fine with the time I’ve put in and where I’ve wound up.  Things are perfectly fine… šŸ™‚


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