Playing "Catch-Up"

With three classes to teach today at two different locations — it sometimes feels like I am living out of a classroom.  But that’s all right in other respects as well….after all, its not like two years ago where I wasn’t working at all.  Perspective man….gotta keep perspective.

Last night was one of the Republican “debates” on television.  I spent my time in a more useful manner and curled up with one of the books I am currently reading.  Tonight is the start of the National Football League’s season — and I have nearly similar plans.  I completely grok the idea that there are people out there that dig on politics and also dig on the NFL.  I’m just not one of those people.  Particularly in the world of politics.  All of that comes across to me as people arguing and shouting their points-of-view instead of sitting down, discussing the issues and finding middle ground to work from to achieve solutions.  ::sigh::

On top of all of that — we begin to enter a phase of the year that I do not enjoy that much.  It doesn’t have anything to do with the time of the year.  The turn of the Wheel is exactly what it is — and I thoroughly enjoying spending a part of my day observing the patterns that I see in everyday Life.  Just around the corner in a few days is an observance of the tragedies that unfolded on the 11th of September.  I can completely understand small observances such as moments of silence during the moments that the planes were crashed into the buildings.  But beyond simple observances such as that – I find larger, longer observances to be complete overkill.  For me, and this doesn’t hold true for everyone nor do I believe that it should, observances are short, simple, and sweet — and then you move forward with your daily Life.  Not put everything on hold – keep moving forward.

Then shortly after the 11th of September, the period of Samhain/Halloween will arrive.  For those who have read my musings on this previously or have heard me talk about this on my podcast — you know that I consider this a period of personal introspection for myself.  With the veil at its thinnest, I find my personal meditations to not only be stronger in meaning, but stronger in length as well.  Where many other Pagans will seek out others during this time frame — I tend to avoid large gatherings.  In the past eighteen-plus years – I have yet to attend a Samhain gathering, public or otherwise, which I realize puzzles some people.  As I noted — a lot of my frustrations for this period of the year comes from my desire to keep this as a very private period of time for me.

Right in the middle of all this falls my own birthday – October 1st.  This year, I will turn 46.  My plan is to treat it as I have in the past:  its just another day.  A notation of a full turn of the Wheel in relation to when I was born…but nothing out of the ordinary.

I know all of this looks somewhat negative – and I acknowledge that it is somewhat…but the frustration comes from wanting to turn inwardly and do my own personal introspection and not seeming to be rude to the friends and family in my Life.  As a Libra, I understand — there’s a balance I am going to have to strike in all of that….the trick will be in trying to find it.


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