Odds and Ends…

Prepping for two classes in the early afternoon – and then a single night class as well.  After that, my four-day weekend (usually three days in the schedule) starts.  Of course, my weekends are typically filled with me catching up on the materials that I have in place for my own classes – so its not like it will be all relaxation.  LOL

Lots of stuff in the news about the Republican candidates, the President’s position on this or that, and of course the ruminations of what the Tea Party is or isn’t trying to do to America.  So far, all I’ve read are the headlines – not the stories.  Just can’t find myself getting too interested in all of that.  I won’t vote for a second term for the President.  I won’t vote for any of the Republican candidates that are being presented.  And I don’t find any of the declared Independent candidates to be palatable to what I philosophically believe.  So, I’m hoping for a “None of the Above” or “Give Me a Viable Candidate” option at the voting booth.  Otherwise, I’m likely to vote on State, County and Local issues and leave the Presidential part of the poll blank.  For me there’s just not that many options when there’s no one to vote for.

It remains in the triple digits as far as temps are concerned.  With the exception of the grass around the trees (which I water every other day), my yard is brown.  High temps, very little rain….well, the grass here hibernates (or goes dormant – pick your terminology) at that point to conserve its water usage.  In short, we could use a lot of rain…a LOT of rain.  Just to the west of here, two major fires are burning – and have destroyed quite a few homes at the time of this writing.  When the fires hit all the dry and dead vegetation in the area — it flares up in a hurry.  Again, more reasons for a LOT of rain.  Lake Lewisville (which is about six miles away, straight down my street) is already down more than five feet from its normal Summer level.  Rain.  Much needed.

As for the podcast, I’ve got the first half of it recorded at this point.  The second half will get recorded tomorrow (Friday).  I always forget how much prep time I need for the beginning of classes and all the wide-ranging questions that get asked.  But that’s all right, everything will calm down here shortly – just as it always does.

Then there’s all the postings I see about a “war” coming down the pike from the “Dominionists”.  As I’ve said before — I see the same rhetorical statements that get made from these “christians” — and what I see is an extremely vocal minority with no traction within their own community.  Yes, they are noisy.  But a lot of the things that they propose – such as the making of a Christian nation – don’t fit in with the Constitutional provisions put in place by the Founding Fathers of this country.  In fact, many of the statements of moving America onto the path of a Theocracy violate all the precepts and understandings that were put in place with the Constitution – to prevent a theocratic government from taking place.  The people who founded this country were escaping from just such an environment — and wanted to be absolutely sure that would never happen for this (at that time) fledgling country.  I’m absolutely not worried about an impending “war” with the “dominionist” faction within Christianity.  I trust the Constitution and what it stands for.  These folks have the right to speak their minds and spout their philosophy – regardless of how counter-productive and useless I personally believe it to be.  Those same rights apply to me being able to practice my own beliefs and make my own public statements of belief — just as they apply to anyone else here in America.  Until these folks do more than just make noise — they merit watching and listening to.  Nothing more.  There’s no need to borrow trouble – in my opinion.

Well, time to get ready for classes….


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