Rain and Organizing — Getting the Raindrops to Fall in Ranks?

For the first time in nearly two months – there’s rain here in Corinth (just south of Denton in Texas).  About 0500, instead of my normal 0530 alarm (yes I get up that early so I can have a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise), I was awakened to the sound of thunder.  Loud thunder.  And very nearby.  Shortly thereafter, it started raining.  And now, two more cups of coffee into the morning, I’m still sitting here watching it come down.  Not quite as hard as it did before — and clearly, its going to stop soon and go back to being typically Tejas weather — but still, its rain. Yes, I’m a sucker for rainy weather.  I actually enjoying the sound of it and watching it fall.

I was hoping to slap a podcast out today, after my mid-morning and early afternoon classes in Flower Mound.  However, I didn’t look at my calendar and notice the start of my Intro to Hardware class over in Fort Worth tonight.  That effectively kills the time frame I was wanting to record.  However, I have a completely open afternoon on Wednesday, after I teach my early morning classes in Corinth.  So, I’ll just be a day later than I was hoping for.

While I will have some dead-time between my Flower Mound and Fort Worth classes – minus the travel time between them – I’m hoping to utilize that time frame to further organize me.  One of my biggest concerns coming off the vacation to Colorado was the fact that I find myself rarely organized.  Not that I can’t get organized, but I rarely seem to make myself get to that point.  So, with the help of one of my better organized family members (extended family for most folks — but my blood-related family are not people I am close to at all), I’m currently getting organized in bits through Google’s Calendar system.  Its free, its available….and I don’t have to rely on my computer only to access it.  So far, the biggest problem I’ve had, is remembering to look at it in the morning and see what is going on.  And if that’s the biggest problem I have — then its starting to work for me.  LOL

Not much else to talk about for this morning.  Since I’ll be on the road during my typical meditation time, I think I’ll take this free-time slot here in the morning and use it for that.  šŸ™‚  Good day for now…hope its good wherever you’re reading this from….


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