Now to Then….

Over the past week or so, I set my OBOD lessons down for a bit and decided to do a bit of reflection over the past few years.  One of the things I started back in doing is writing a journal.  However, given that my typing skills are far better than my hand-writing skills, I choose to go with an electronic journal.  Currently, I’m using DreamWidth for this purpose, and I’m quite satisfied with both DW and how I’ve got the process set up for myself.  The last time I used a journal for this type of purpose was back in 2006, which is a but further back than I wanted to go for reflection.  However, I’ve not been able to resist the temptation to compare now to then.

I have to say, its been an extremely interesting comparison.  Back then, I was working various InfoTech positions.  I was (and still am) fairly good at troubleshooting issues with Information technology and implementing solutions.  Now, I teach college level classes and don’t get to stick my fingers into the troubleshooting aspect much further than helping out friends and family (though I will not tech for blood-relatives).  In moving into the classroom, I find a whole new process where I could help people in trouble-shooting their usage and appreciation of technology.  Using my own personal experiences, and the experience of trying to assist others – I’ve found a much happier environment for me.  I enjoy helping the students, and relish that “Aha!” moment that has shown up in every single class…that moment when everything just clicks for the student.  In my previous jobs, especially as an Information Technology Director a company that was essentially an environment where the President got his hard-on by yelling at everyone, I couldn’t find that degree of happiness and satisfaction.  I felt that satisfaction in getting the job completed, especially when it was a difficult job that no one else wanted to tackle.  But there was just something missing in those jobs.  I felt more like a cog in the machine rather than an individual helping other individuals.

The coming trip to Colorado has a component tied to my degree program, but I am also going there to unwind.  To get away from everything here at home for a short while – and enjoy just being me.  And part of that will be done through some further reflection.  I’ll be staying just south of a little town called Divide – in an area with no cell phone coverage and no internet access.  The only technology I’ll have with me:  my computer (for writing), my iPod (for my OBOD lessons), and my camera.  I’ll still drop down to the “civilized” portions to connect with the internet for Email checks and picture uploads (I’ll be doing those on Google+ and Google Picasa for the most part).  This will be chance to take my Now and reconcile parts of it with my Then.  And of course, to spend time among the trees in the forest…essentially, it will be my recharge.


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