Footprints in the Dirt…

Every so often, I get an Email from someone asking why I choose the OBOD Bardic Grade course and if I feel its “right” for them.  My answer concerning the choice for them typically boils down to them making the choice themselves.  After all, I can’t walk their Spiritual Path in Life, they have to take those steps themselves – else they wouldn’t be walking their own Path, but merely mirroring someone else’s (in this case – me).

For me, the Bardic Grade of OBOD has been a fantastic experience.  I’ve learned a whole new way of turning topics over and over to observe from as many angles as possible.  Furthermore, the material provides some of the best lessons towards meditative focus that I’ve encountered.  My ten to fifteen minutes of meditation has become a much richer experience from what I’ve been able to apply from the lessons.  Honestly, I understand that not everyone will pull the same degree of fulfillment from the material that I have.  However, for me – this is the perfect dose of medicine at the right moment in my life.

Why OBOD?  Why Druidry?  The focal point, for me, is on Nature and the environment around me.  Each focused meditation brings me tools to embrace a part of the elemental world around me – and opens my eyes a little further to everything around me.  I can watch the cycle of the year happen right outside of my window – right in my backyard – and realize how my plants, the birds that visit the water fountain, and the squirrel that lives in the backyard tree prepare for each part of the year.  I also watch as they handle and cope with the different aspects of that Wheel – and see parallels to how I deal with seemingly unrelated issues in my Path.  Those parallels, once I make a parallel connection between the processes, show me that I am still a part of the Wheel.  And all of that has honestly changed my own outlook on my Path.  Each day that the sun rises – I find the start to a new adventure set before me.  Each evening as the sun sets, I see the opportunity to reflect on the day and learn from both my successes and failures.  As the moon rises into the sky, I hold the moment to rest and prepare for the cycle to start all over again.  For me, OBOD and Druidry addresses this cycle in a manner that I can not only readily understand, but also utilize in my daily Path.  The tools that I am provided are helpful for me.  I not only understand their usage, but also see new utility for each going forward.

So, this is where my footfalls take me.  Sometimes, while walking my Path, I may step in the same places where others have been – but my footprints will be unique.  For me, its still an experiential Path – and therefore I must walk it myself.  Others may have walked here before me…but for me to experience it, I have to walk it too.  🙂


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