Perry + Politics = Boredom

Pulled a couple of Emails from friends who asked about my thoughts on Rick Perry’s evangelical Christian “meetup thing.”  I’ve paid very little attention to it – and while there seems to be a metric ton of press coverage for it — I’ll likely not read very much of that either.  Stuff like that holds very little interest for me.  I will say this, however:  the man (Rick Perry) and all the people that attended, watched or listened to the event have every right to practice their belief.  They even have the right to mix their politics into the entire thing.  More power to them.  I have every right to not vote for a candidate for public office that they endorse.  Its just as simple as that.

Honestly folks, the more I watch the political system here in the United States – the less I want to read, watch and listen to stuff like that.  Politics here in the States have become a polarizing perspective of one extreme or another.  For me, public office has become less about being the public servant that manages the governance of high-level structures for the public at large – and more about pushing some ideological perspective.  Huge turn-off for me.  I’m not interested in seeing which political faction can piss further than the other on whatever issue.  Just not interested…


…this morning was absolutely fantastic.  The sun peeked up over the horizon, and I spent some of the early morning cleaning out the birdbath and laying down more seed for the neighbor birds and my backyard squirrel.  Apparently, the squirrel likes to lay under the birdbath, and has scratched out a nice area where rolling in the dirt is extensively possible.  Last night, I watered the drooping cottonwood tht is in the backyard – which has started to feel the effects of the heat.  I have many, many leaves in the backyard – a sign that the cottonwood is under heat-stress.  I was watering every other day, but will now water more often.  Or at least as often as I can prior to watering restrictions going into effect – which are likely to be on the way soon.  Hopefully, the G-ds can shift the weather a bit and provide some much-needed rain…soon.

Well, on to getting my final paper completed…


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