The Past Few Days – The Next Few Days

Spent some time assisting in a move from Denton to Fayetteville, Arkansas during the weekend.  I thought the temps here in Denton were hot.  I got a taste of the “even hotter” temps up in the northeast corner of the state and into Oklahoma.  On the trip up, our first stop was a 10:45am stop in Otaka, Oklahoma – where the temps were at 102F – and they still had not hit the blistering part of the day yet.  The second stop was in Fort Smith, where temps were at 110F – and hot enough to make the fabric on my baseball cap hot to the touch after just going from the UHaul truck to the rest area building.  The final stop was in Fayetteville, where we unloaded at 5pm – in 114F temps.  And that was the themro sitting in the SHADE.

While the temps were pretty wild to be in – what was more eye-opening were the number of blackened areas, both at the side of the road – and in the immediate viewing area.  We encountered two brush fires as well – so apparently these folks have been battling a lot of brush fires as well.  I couldn’t speculate on what caused the fires — but it certainly was super dry everywhere we went.  If there was ever a time for a rain dance — this was it.

I know the podcast is behind on the schedule for a July show.  I’ll likely combine July and August together in the coming week.  Currently, I have more than enough on my plate for the moment:  a final paper due by Monday, a final test for the majority of the class I am teaching on Monday, a Final Exam on Thursday (for the students who missed an exam), and grades due in by Friday.  On Friday, I’ll be heading out of town again – this time to Colorado.  And yes, there will be pictures (most likely via my Google Plus account — which you can find via my Email address:…in the meantime…I need to grab some sleep here shortly – as well as a meal which I am headed downstairs to find in a few minutes…


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