Another Spoke in the Wheel….

Another slowish kind of day — the temps aren’t exactly THAT high yet…but the hottest part of the day has yet to get here.  Its Lughnasadh (did I spell that right?), which brings another turn of the wheel — another spoke passes this point and the year continues its progress.  Took a little time this morning to look back through my digital journal to see where I’ve been over the course of the year.

I keep my digital journey at Dreamwidth where I have the ability to keep private entries (such as my OBOD Bardic Grade entries) private.  Plus, I can access this journal from anywhere – since its online.  Makes life easier for me.  The nice thing about keeping the journal is that I do have the chance to look back – in other words, take stock of where I’ve been.  And in that manner, I can also look at that and make sure of where I’m headed.  Sort of like checking the map every once in a while to insure you’re still driving on the right road.

Working with a journal has really helped me take some of my inner workings to another step.  I journal nearly everything that I do.  Typically, these are after thoughts of meditations, my daily walks, and even some journaling on dreams (when I can remember them).  I’ve also taken to putting my poetry into journal entries – and its been interesting to come back at a later point and see what was driving my thoughts during that time.

See, I don’t get into ritual work that much.  My view on ritual is that each moment of each day is a ritual.  Through living my life, I pay my honor and respects to the G-ds.  I try to make each action, each moment follow along the lines of who and what I am.  The marking of time on the Wheel, through the eight particular rituals that permeate most Pagan faiths, has become more of a time for me to reconnect with other people.  A time when I can get my moments of fellowship with individuals of a like mind.  In those moments, we can share piece of our lives together through those particular actions.  And its that particular experience that I treasure going forward from that point.

So, at this point on the Wheel – as you take the time to share together with others – whether that be online, physically or in spirit – drink in the moment, the fellowship and treasure it going forward.  Whether you see the individuals you are with tomorrow, at the upcoming point on the Wheel at Samhain, or some time even further down its turning — keep that moment where you drank in the experience close to your heart, treasure it, nurture it until the next time.

Happy Lughnasadh!


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