Test, Test, Test…Evaluate

Aside from my last post on the potential dustup with the DC40 “Christian” crowd — I haven’t had a ton of stuff to post.  Mostly because three things have been occupying my time:  the class I’m currently teaching, my Capstone class, and my meditation work for the Bardic Grade in the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids.  Combined, all three take a lion’s share of my day…and each represents its own small reward that I enjoy greatly.  Of course, that means my focus isn’t on the aforementioned dustup…nor am I paying any particular attention to the sorry state of politics up on Capitol Hill.  I peek on each one every once in a while — but neither will hold my attention for longer than five to ten minutes at a stretch.  I prefer my focus to be on far more positive things, and that’s just what I do.

Now, I’ve been dogged by a few folks over the past few weeks because of this stance.  And honestly, they have a complete right to that opinion.  They see me as not being focused on things that are “important” or “critical”.  And that’s really perfectly fine with me.  They have their perspective on things…and I have no problem with them voicing that to me.  That’s right.  I have no problem with people doing that.

“But why?  if you want to focus on positive stuff, why would you not have a problem with people slamming you for not thinking or believing as they do?”

Its easy.  When they state their perspective, they provide me with the chance to see things from where they sit around the fire.  And I gain a new vantage point on the issue at hand.  With each new vantage point, I can then re-evaluate where I stand on an issue – and revise my way of thinking as necessary.  Just because I don’t get vocal about an issue or perspective doesn’t mean that I’m not constantly evaluating it when I hear someone else’s take on it.  I’d be a fool not to do that.  Each new point of data allows me to test that against where I already am in my own thought process.  In that manner, I continue to look for empirical data to test against my own personal theories.  This is the way I think folks.  Just because I may not agree with a particular stance or position or belief, doesn’t mean that I am closed off to other perspectives…not at all.  Its all test, test, test, evaluate…constantly….from my own vantage point around the edge of the circle…


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