Kinda Quiet…

…been a little quiet recently.  Mostly because the start of a class – one where sixteen weeks of material is going to be compressed into five weeks – so I’ve been trying to insure the students are on the right-track and extremely aware of assignment submission and exam time-frames.  Now that I think I’ve got them set (for the most part), I can start bringing my focus back to everything else.

Looking to get another podcast episode out in the very near future (on-time for once).  The only hitch I have at the moment is that of a topic.  However, that’s not too much of an issue — especially since I have a full-list of these in a text file.  Its just a matter of me choosing one of them.  LOL

I haven’t had much of a chance to grab a morning walk — especially since I am lecturing in class during the time-frame that I’ve been targeting.  The afternoons have become far too hot for me to manage after class, so that leaves me with the exercise bike.  Not a comfortable option for me – as I don’t really like pedaling and going nowhere…but at this point its better than nothing at all.  So I’ll manage until the middle of August when class ends.

Speaking of classes and lectures – I’ve taken a few steps backwards in the OBOD Bardic Grade lessons – especially since its been about two months since I’ve been in the Gwers.  Just need to refresh my mind as to where I was.  I’ve been keeping a daily electronic journal, detailing my meditations, my thoughts after walks (when I’ve been able to do that), and a few other points.  I have to say – this dedicated e-journal has made a lot of difference in the way I’m dealing with things from a magickal perspective.  I’ve found that I am working with archetypal concepts in meditations a lot better than I was before.  I believe it has something to do with how well I recall things after I’ve written or typed them.  An added bonus on all of that is that I’m getting back to writing poetry more often than before – and the material has a much deeper and richer meaning for me as well.  Definite plus for me!

Well, time to focus a bit on my doctoral class.  There’s a paper due that I need to format correctly and get submitted…so far, I’m on track with this class as well.

Tommy /|\


One thought on “Kinda Quiet…

  1. Love this new page! And your commitment to exercise is encouraging. OBOD: I repeated it 2 years, as life often conflicted with my ability to digest information. Sometimes it seemed so transparently easy I was sure I was not 'getting it'. Other times, I saw no application to my own life…and experience was the better teacher. Appreciate your contribution to the community, as always. Wishing you abundant enjoyment and fullfillment in the classroom.

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