Writing, Journaling, Strumming and Me…

Its been an interesting week…well, somewhat.  Its been pretty boring too — which is a nice respite from the constant go-go-go that it has been.  I’ve had some time to spend a bit more effort on my OBOD lessons.  A few steps backwards and a few more steps forward in all of that.  I like that I am able to write more meaningful material than I had in the original start of the Bardic Grade material.  On top of that, my own personal journal has become a much richer set of material for me because of all this as well.  As I am not a person who is good at writing journal material (but far better at writing academic work), this has been a huge hurdle to get over.  I believe that once I realized that hand-writing material is a nice thing, but hardly effective at keeping up with my fast moving thoughts, I was able to make my writing in an electronic medium become that much stronger.  Furthermore, my journal migrated from being solely on a single computer to taking form on a pen drive that I carry nearly everywhere with me — now I don’t see being an a different location (such as a classroom in Irving or in Fort Worth as opposed to the house in Denton) as a detriment for me to write.  Plus, I’ve started to figure out what thoughts are important to write down – and which are better left in the crevices of my brain.

Another facet of life that has slowly started changing is that of learning a musical instrument.  A few months ago, I picked up a rather cheap acoustic guitar (a Backpacker style model) in the hopes of doodling on the instrument enough to rekindle an interest in playing again.  Well, its worked to some degree.  Still not a high enough degree that I am wanting to spend money on a slightly more expensive instrument — but enough that I’m enjoying my rather bad efforts at becoming the next Kirk Hammett (though I’ll likely never be THAT damn good) on an acoustic guitar.  I’m even amused when I don’t play certain parts correctly — or mute the strings when I don’t apply the appropriate pressure with my fingertips — instead of getting discouraged by such clumsiness.  I’m finding the “fun” of playing and pseudo-playing the instrument to be much more enjoyable than I thought.  I’m still not ready for “prime time” whatsoever (much less the 4am showing on a Wednesday night in a bar that closed on Tuesday night), but that’s not my ambition.  I just want to have some fun with the instrument.  I’m not out to become the next Yngwie Malmsteen or Tony MacAlpine or Steve Vai.

Anyways…that’s about all I have for the moment….keep it light, keep it fun!


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