Activism? Not For Me…

I’m not an activist of any sort.  Not even slightly.  I don’t have any desire to move in that type of manner in respect to my own beliefs.  My beliefs are just that:  my beliefs.  That doesn’t mean that what I believe is exclusive to me.  Many other people out there believe many of the things that I do.  Druidry.  Nature-based Paganism.  And a whole host of other things.  I don’t hold any exclusivity rights to those beliefs.  But I also don’t feel a need to take these same beliefs and shove them under the noses of other people and tell them that they *must* accept them as truths.  Hardly.  I would hope that people whose beliefs don’t line up with my own would provide me the freedom to hold my own beliefs.  I’m not seeking acceptance of my beliefs to be truths of any sort — except for me.  I only want folks to accept that I may be different from them in those regards.  In the end, we’re all human beings…we all live on this same ball of dirt.  We just have different ideas when it comes to some things.  I don’t have a desire to force acceptance of my beliefs from anyone else.  If someone can’t accept me for who I am or what I believe – I move along.  Simple as that.  This alone will separate me from the concept of activism.  I don’t need a law to treat someone as an equal.  And I don’t have any desire to push in that direction.  I accept people for who they are – not what a law does or does not say about them.  So, activism?  Not for me.


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