Post Apocalypse Now

Over the course of the past few days, I’ve had people inviting me to various “Looting Parties” for the Post Apocalypse.  While these are somewhat cute statements, and I grok the full comedic aspect — I declined every invitation.  Not because I wasn’t going to be there – any of the Christians ascribing to this brand of belief would agree that a Druidic-Nature Worshiping-Hippie-Poly-Pagan such as myself would certainly be “left behind” – but because I don’t find this type of belief to be good.  before anyone gets crazy and starts saying I’m calling these folks “mentally-ill” or anything along those lines – let me explain a bit.

The prevailing belief is that the “chosen” would be swept up in the Rapture and those left on Earth would not be among those “of G-d”.  I grok that part of the concept.  But underneath all of that, I see a prevailing thought by these “chosen” that the Earth is merely a resource to be used at their whim – and when the moment of Rapture comes along, She can be crumpled up and tossed over their shoulder – forgotten, unwanted – just something to be used.  I’m sorry, but I just can’t spend my time laughing and giggling over a misguided conception that the hour of the Rapture has arrived.  For me, this only lends towards a mindset that this Earth is only a temporary location – not the gorgeous, nurturing, loving environment that I enjoy daily.  The temporary location prior to that of the streets paved in Gold with mansions awaiting each of the “chosen” gives over to a mindset of not providing the care and love that I feel we should give back to our mother Gaia.

Sure…call me a tree-hugging hippie.  Go right ahead.  My own blood relations do that quite often.  Several “friends” have done that as well.  Each thinks that they are insulting me with such statements.  In reality, I take those statements as a compliment – as an affirmation of who I am and what I believe.  Yes, I’m a G-ds-damned, Nature-loving, barefoot, hippie.  And damn proud of it.  Mother Gaia may not need me to help heal her on a daily basis.  I firmly believe that She is quite capable of healing herself without me…previously, now, and in the future.  But that doesn’t mean that my attempts to help heal her through picking up the trash on my daily walks, nurturing the various plants that I am care-giver for in my yard, and a wide variety of other things — all of that has meaning to both Her and myself.

For me, She will be here after I leave…She’s not some resource to use and toss over my shoulder.  And while some Christians may be just as helpful in those same everyday tasks that I undertake – I’ve always viewed the concept of the Rapture as an excuse to not join in with those healing efforts – consciously or sub-consciously.

For those who enjoyed poking fun at the misguided proclamation of the impending Rapture…I hope you did enjoy your bit of fun.  I’m not saying that this attitude is wrong at all – in fact I think its somewhat healthy.  Laughter certainly is that kind of wonderful medicine for the soul….just please understand why I didn’t find the same degree of mirth that others may have.  Just my two pence….


2 thoughts on “Post Apocalypse Now

  1. I didn't laugh at this, either. Actually, it made me both sad and frightened. No, I did not wonder if the world might end on May 21st. When I heard that many folks who believed that the "rapture" was imminent sent the contents of their bank accounts to the guy who "predicted" the date, I was saddened to realize how dangerously gullible some folks are.

  2. I was slightly saddened by that as well – but I also realize that these folks are adults and make their own choices. In this particular instance, many people made bad choices and sent their money in. Was it criminal that they did so? I'm not sure. I'm not a lawyer and only have a vague concept of the laws governing such stuff. But I do recognize that sending the monies in the first place constitutes a conscious adult decision. Its not a decision I would have reached in their shoes…but it was a decision.

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