It Started Out One Way….

So, I’ve been working on putting together the next show for From the Edge of the Circle throughout the day.  While I’ve not got everything recorded yet – I do have the various segments for the show down in a pseudo-script – so I can keep my head together on a topic.  The original schematic had me doing a J.A.B.S. (Just Another Beltane Show).  That was how I started approaching the show’s topic.  What I’ve ended up with is a show that addresses the way I view the Wheel of the Year in conjunction with my own mindset on how the shape of the circle plays a major role in my everyday.  Not really sure how I got from Point A to Point B – but it is what happened.

I’ve mentioned in a few places some of the changes that will be coming to the show.  I’ll be adding the Spoken Word segment as a permanent section to the show.  I’ll also be adding a news segment that won’t be in every single show – and will address news from my own perspective.  I don’t expect everyone to agree with me — and welcome alternative perspectives.  After all, that’s what the show is essentially about:  perspectives.  In the near future (as I work out the logistical aspects of doing so), I’ll be adding interviews to the show.  Again, it won’t be an “every single show” aspect…but given that I’m aiming the show towards an understanding that each relative position around the edge of a circle gives a unique perspective on the center….it only makes sense to push off in that eventual direction.  The final change will be in the show’s schedule and the show length.  I’ll be moving the podcast to a monthly schedule (sometime between the 15th and 20th of each month), as well as stretching the show into a 45-minute to an hour in length (not that I haven’t been in this area — just that I was actually shooting for something shorter in length previously).

The ultimate last change to the show — well, its not necessarily going to happen.  I’m mulling over the possibility of changing the show’s name by dropping “From the” to make it just “Edge of the Circle”.  Still not 100% sure of this…but the possibility is now out there.  LOL


2 thoughts on “It Started Out One Way….

  1. …and its a little shorter…easier to remember…not as many letters to type…LOL Still not certain the show's name will change, but the finality of that will come around Samhain…so there's plenty of time to figure that out…

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