Lightning Goes Sssssss, Thunder Goes Boom

All right — breathing room at last.  With the JuCo classes finally coming to a close – I’ve got a little time to get other things a bit more forward on my plate.  One of those was an attempt at a new podcast episode.  During a thunderstorm.  I found out that it wasn’t such a wise idea.

The thought process went along these lines:  loud thunder in the background would be a really cool, unscripted sound effect.  So, I started up the show, recorded all my segments, mixed everything together and listened to the playback.  And preceded to not be able to hear myself whatsoever when each lightning strike came through.  My Snowball mic picks up sound WONDERFULLY.  I can’t gush enough about my microphone.  But in this instance, it did the job TOO WELL.  Plus, I wasn’t aware that you could actually “hear” each lightning strike as the electrical current crackled over the recording.  In essence, it was a neat idea — but it did not provide the results I was optimistically hoping for.  So, tomorrow will be another attempt at doing a new episode.

I’m also itching to get outside and go walking.  I haven’t been able to hit the sidewalks in a little over three days now.  Between Finals week for the JuCo and the rainstorms, I just can’t catch enough of a break to get outside.  I’m hoping Sunday will be a somewhat decent day, as I’m hoping to carry my camera out towards the horse farm and snap a few pictures of the horses there.

Topically – I’m a bit tapped out at the moment…otherwise I’d have some profound (cough, cough) thoughts on some topic.  But, considering that I barely watch the news anymore, don’t give a hang about politics, and haven’t seen the outdoors in a short while — its just better to let some of the potential topics stew a bit more in my crock-pot of a brain…


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