Its All About the XP

Spring-time in Texas can bring a wild fluctuation in weather patterns.  Over the past two months, we’ve had snow and ice, normal warmish-Spring temps, rainfall, super strong winds, heavy thunderstorms and 90F temperatures.  The wild variations in the weather tend to play havoc with my own internal parts.  Strong pressure gradients make me feel not-so-good, while steady pressure tends to make me feel absolutely great.  However, regardless of what the weather does – I have a front-row seat for all that my local environment provides for me.  All I have to do is wake up, go downstairs, and make a pot of coffee.  While I wait for the nectar of the G-ds to percolate, I can look at the kitchen window and see my backyard.  Typically, I see a handful of birds at the feeder and the water fountain, and the squirrels playing at what looks to be a game of tag between the tree and my fence-line.  Once my day gets a little more underway — and provided that the weather is still somewhat decent — I’ll strap on my tennis shoes and my iPod Nano and walk through the neighborhood.  There, I walk past small horse ranches and cow pastures that were here long before the neighborhoods were built in.  So, while I have urban development on one side of the road — on the other, I have wide open fields populated with those horses and cows.  A small ways up the road, there’s a small pond in one of these fields where my local squadron of geese stay.  And they stay year round.  Every morning around 0730, they glide over the house, honking loudly the entire way as they head for the pond.  Then, I get to experience the entire return of the same geese in the evening – somewhere between 1700 and 1800.  If I’m lucky enough, I can manage to be outside as they fly overhead — just about thirty feet off the ground.  What an awesome sight.

I’m always reminded of the power of Nature through the constant parade of storms, winds and temperature variations in short periods of time.  But I also experience the soft, light touch of Nature as I watch horses, cows and geese in the local neighborhood.  Yes, I have to endure the teenagers driving through the neighborhood with their radios blaring at top pitch.  But even events such as that remind me that we’re all a part of the Environment around us.  And for the wonderful experience that all that brings – I spend just a few moments at the end of the day, just before I turn off the lights and attempt to find my moments of blissful sleep…I spend those moments thanking the G-ds for bringing me another day to experience.


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