Burn Notice…

Ok…the podcast isn’t out like I had hoped it would be.  I got caught up in a round of grading for all four of my classes — and with all of them coming class to the final grading periods, I really have to put the focus there for the time being.  However, with only a single ten-minute segment left to record — the podcast will be out on Friday when I actually have a small window of time (in the morning) available.  Promise!

So, while I was hunting for a topic to do for the podcast, a few listeners suggested that I talk about the Pastor in Florida who decided to move forward with burning the Koran.  Apparently, he’s also going to take the time to put the Prophet Mohammed “on trial” to prove that the Muslim faith is a violent one.  I’m not as “up in arms” as others seem to be on the issue.  Here in America, he has the legal freedoms to do stupid shit like this.  I don’t agree with his methodology or assessment whatsoever, but I do respect his right to put his stupidity, ignorance and arrogance on display for the world to see.

Granted, his stupidity put a charge into the Muslim community in Afghanistan (and probably elsewhere), which resulted in loud and angry protests that culminated in violence and deaths of some people.  But let’s lay the blame for that exactly where it should be:  at the feet of the protesters.  I can definitely grok why these folks got angry over this Pastor’s idiotic actions – but idiotic actions of one moron should never be an excuse to lose one’s grip on civility.  While its easy to pass the entire blame over to the Pastor (and he does deserve some of the blame in all of this — don’t get me wrong) — its definitely not the appropriate location for that to be set, IMNSHO.  Using another’s actions or statements as an excuse for your own poor choice of actions is merely the act of passing the blame-buck.

A few other folks suggested that I take up the gauntlet for the Airport Security Screener who was fired from her job because she was Wiccan.  While I get the “noble” aspect of taking up that fight — I’m also of the opinion that there’s more to the entire story than what has been told out in the public venue.  If she was terminated solely on the position that she was a Wiccan, then it will be a slam-dunk win for her in the courts.  However, if her termination was for other factors that haven’t been brought about in the public — well, let’s just say that winning a court case like that would be difficult.  Either way, I’m sure she has recourse to the law with a good legal defender – and I certainly don’t need to be sticking my nose into someone else’s private issues.

In short, I’m not the crusading type.  I have no axe to grind with Christians, Muslims or any others.  I’d rather spend my time moving forward with my life and getting to the goals I have currently set.  I’ve had a few folks call me a “coward” over such things — and to be honest, such criticism does sting.  But at the same time, I have my own life and my own standards that I have to live up to.  Those are my eyes that I look into every morning in the mirror — and its that face in the mirror that I have to justify my own actions and goals to.  I don’t want to live my life looking for my “next fight” — I’d rather spend it looking forward to another day spent out in the sunshine.

Just my two pence…your mileage may vary…


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