Saturday Morning Political Musing (And That’s a Rare Thing For Me)

Well, its another very pretty morning.  From the upstairs window, I watched the rays of the morning sun creep across the stone circle in the backyard, while the squirrels ran around the backyard chasing each other.  Along with my excellent cup of coffee, this makes up what has become a ritual of sorts for me.  Every morning – aside from the two days that I teach morning classes at the local JuCo – I spend the early parts of the morning watching the scene outside the window.  I’ve watched the leaves on the tree go from small green buds to transforming into the large green leaves that currently inhabit the branches — and that literally happened over the course of a single day!  While the rest of my days have literally been a measured pace that is similar to that of a Daytona race, this little piece of thirty minutes that I have set aside has become that moment of reflective time that has kept me steady and on course for the most part.  And its turned from a guilty pleasure of stolen moments to become a treasured part of my day.

There’s been plenty of stuff in the news.  The passing of Elizabeth Taylor (a true Lady in every sense of the word), the strife in the Middle East, and the continued aspects of the tragedy in Japan.  But to be honest, I’ve only given each of these “news” stories (and others) only a cursory glance.  With the continued insertion of political slants (Right, Left, Tea-Party, etc) into the media sources, I’ve literally found myself to be thoroughly disgusted with the reporting methodologies of what has been considered to be “news”.  Perhaps the saddest part of it all is that it seems that this concept of political slant has managed to invade nearly every part of daily life.  For instance, when trying to discuss an aspect of Information Security with one of my classes, several of my students injected the political slant that “those liberals” are keeping certain measures from being done properly because of the way “they” block legislation.  Honestly, legislative procedures were the furthest point away from what I was trying to get them to understand.  I merely wanted them, as individuals, to understand that InfoSec plays a role throughout an organization — not just in the department that is mandated with enforcing the policies.  And that’s just a singular example.  I can’t even begin to count the number of times that I’ve had folks interject politics into regular conversations that we’ve had in public and private settings.

The reality is that I’m not a political animal whatsoever.  The more I hear about “liberal” this and “Tea-Party” that…the more turned-off I get to the entire political process.  To be really honest — its the prime reason that I stopped even reading the news or watching ny of the news channels.  I just don’t care to hear a constant barrage of why this particular side is wrong or how this side isn’t supporting the Constitution and how this makes either side “un-American”.  For me, finger-pointing and accusations of this, that or the other do nothing to solve the issues that are in front of this country’s legislators.  Essentially, while America burns – the people who have the power to do something about argue over the “why” instead of moving towards getting something completed that can help solve some of the issues that have cropped up.  And while the arguing takes place, other issues crop up to get into the queue – because there’s more arguing taking place than work.  Who is to blame?  The Right?  The Left?  The Tea-Party?  Who cares?  All I would really like to see is some form of unity towards getting things done — we can figure out where the blame belongs later.  In essence, I liken the current political scene within America to that of figuring out why a fire started BEFORE we even put out the fire in the first place.

…and that’s about as close to a political rant as people will get from me these days.  Its a scene that I just don’t have much energy for…plus its nice outside.  Think I’ll strap on the sneakers and go feed my leftover carrots to the horses and goats at the farm down the road…


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