Walking Down Your Street

Another gorgeous morning started today…but with sad news arriving on the budding of large, green leaves on the backyard tree.  Elizabeth Taylor passed away, removing another piece of a great era in Hollywood.  Her legacy remains in the films that she made — and its a legacy that I hope most people have come to respect.  I know I have.

The morning, for me, started with glorious great rays of sunshine peeking through large leaves in the tree.  Yesterday, those leaves were not on the tree, except in the form of small buds.  So, Spring has officially (in my view) awaken from its long slumber and starts the next segment of the ever-moving Wheel.  I received a handful of invites to various rites, rituals and celebrations for Spring from various quarters.  The rites and rituals, I typically turn down for the most part.  I’m not, nor have I ever really been, a fan of rituals and rites.  Aside from living my life, I don’t see a perfunctory need for ritual.  For me, every moment of my life is a part of my ritual – or I should say more of a celebration of this particular moment of shared existence.  While I understand how ritual plays an important part in the lives of those who partake within it – its just not something that drives my life forward.  My walks serve many functions for me:  moments of regaining that balance I crave within my life as a typical Libran, periods where I can share the joys of Nature’s cyclic movements through the day and Year, and most importantly for me, as a function of meditation and contemplation.

While my iPod Nano is a constant companion on my walks, I don’t always have it turned on.  Sometimes, I just want to experience the sounds of daily Life around me.  The cows and horses that are in their pastures along my walk, as well as the music and language of the birds that peek in on me throughout my walk, the barking of the dogs both nearby and distant – and even the sounds of the cars moving along the busy street that I walk on, and the nearby Interstate.  Sometimes, those sounds can provide just as much of a backdrop for me as Mojo and Sparrow, Aidan Odinsson, Damh the Bard, “Sunshine” Paul Newman, Jim Faupel, Wendy Rule and a large host of others can do through my ear-buds.  Regardless of what I filter through the ear-buds, my focal point tends to move internally – where I gather my thoughts on some particular group of thoughts that I have decided to bring my Mind’s Eye to bear upon.

My walks are my rituals lay, where my meditation is typically brought from, and where I can shed my thoughts and responsibilities from my jobs and daily life.  Where I can just be myself and enjoy my moment in time within this shared existence.  I’ve had many people – both Pagans and Christians – tell me that this particular way of looking and working within my own Life is not appropriate.  For me, that’s a closed-minded perspective of existence.  I know this way of working through one’s ritualistic and philosophic perspective is not a typical one in comparison to many other perspectives.  But it is the perspective that works best for me.  That makes it right and correct for me, but not necessarily for anyone else.  I believe myself to be fairly open-minded in acknowledging that something that didn’t and doesn’t work for me may – and certainly does – work for others.

So…in looking outside, I do believe its time to lace up my tennis shoes, load up my iPod with some Damh the Bard, Paul Newman, and Jim Faupel — and get outside to enjoy the sunshine that has been doles out to my area this morning.  Slainte!


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