Warmer Temps = Longer Walks

So, the weather in Texas is getting a little warmer.  That’s a good thing.  Not only do I get to watch the neighborhood change over from Winter to Spring — I also get to take slightly longer walks.  Which means I get to stuff my iPod with music and podcast goodies!!  I have a lot of listening that I haven’t had a chance to grab up on…so I definitely have a lot of material for those longer strolls.

I was hoping to get the chance to get a new podcast episode out by now — but I have had a little more on my plate than I had anticipated.  I’m hoping to squeeze pieces of the recording into tomorrow’s (Wednesday) schedule…all I can do is cross my fingers at this point.

Of course, part of my attention has been turned towards what’s going on in Japan.  The earthquake/tsunami/reactor tragedies are reminders that Nature has its own way of dealing with various issues.  These aren’t always on the time schedule or needs of human beings.  As terrible as the tragedies are, I haven’t tried to find any “meaning” or “divinatory answers” in what has happened.  It happened.  Period.  We human beings are resilient enough to rebuild in our time.  There is/will be a period of grieving over those lost in the tragedy.  But seriously…there’s no mystical meaning in all of this.  At least not from my perspective.  Mother Earth/Spaceship Earth isn’t trying to shake human beings off the edge of the planet like fleas on a dog.  Others may seek those “answers” in all that has happened…and that is perfectly fine for them.  While human beings are resilient, we all deal with issues/scenarios such as this in different ways.  I’m not about to poo-poo someone else’s perspective because a different methodology works for me.

Just my perspective…


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