No Mas Politics

About every three weeks or so, I get Emails from various listeners of the show about what I think on this political subject or the other.  To be really honest, I don’t care.  I grok the point that some people get off on political stuff — I’m just not one of those folks.  The stuff going on in Wisconsin?  I don’t read about it and flip the channel on the ol’ toob when it comes up on the local news.  Just ain’t my bag man.  This, that or the other about Sharia Law?  Don’t really care.  I got my own damn life to live – and as long as folks let me be — I let them be.  Westboro Baptist church folks and their particular brand of lunacy?  No big thing for me.  They have a right to their opinion, just as I have a right to not listen to them.  I mean seriously — I’ve got so many other things to do than worry, fret and wring my fucking hands over some political pile of steaming bullshit.  Plus, what I aim myself towards is more geared towards me living my life in a positive manner for me.  Again, I grok that some folks get totally ate up over the political scene — and that’s cool for them.  It just ain’t my bag ya’ll.

Here in Tejas country — the weather has been warming up a little at a time.  Well, not exactly a little at a time.  More like a whole lot.  Yesterday, the morning started out at 40F and zoomed into the 80s by the afternoon.  What it has started to amount to is that the plants are all starting to bud and bloom – which for me is the signal for the end of Winter.  My backyard tree sprouted buds at the mid-point of last week — and usually that’s the last thing to come out of the long sleep of Winter.  So it looks like the weather is going to start getting warmer.  Sad to see Winter go — because I do like the Winter-time — but just as glad to see Spring coming up.  That means I can start to lengthen my walks — which I’ve really been wanting to do.  So, I can set the stationary bike off to the side and start loading up the iPod.

New podcast will be coming out on the weekend.  In OBOD’s “Touchstone”, I ran across a quote in a review for Jason Kirkey’s “The Salmon in the Spring:  the Ecology of Celtic Spirituality”.  The quote:  “…nature does not require our belief.  Its is right there for us to experience” is what I’ll be basing a large part of the show around.  Its a very tidy way of looking at my perspective of Paganism.  So, I thought it would be nice to explore the entire statement from my own eyes.  Plus, I have a piece of poetry I have been working on that looks at everything from that perspective as well.  (Yes Dave, I’ll actually read my own poetry this time — ::grins::)

Well, in the meantime —  Slainte!  Enjoy your local outdoors, even if you live in the heart of the city.  🙂


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