Grading Papers and Tests – Pondering Convention Attendance – and Other Assorted Stuff

Wow.  Somewhere in the past year, I made a casual statement that I wanted to be busy doing something other than cleaning up my house.  Since I started teaching — everything has been a constant, non-stop ride.  There are papers to grade, classes to prep for, student’s questions to answer, and what seems to be an endless cycle of training so I can utilize the online class environment correctly.  In essence, I’ve been dog-assed busy.  So busy, in fact, that I have dropped behind in my own work for my doctorate at this point – something I have to remedy this weekend.  A weekend where I will have grading due for student papers, and their first exams.  A weekend where I am also hoping to get a podcast out as well.  So – the lesson is to be careful what you wish for.

Then, as of this past week – I have added yet another teaching position to my workload.  I will be teaching Monday night class over in downtown Fort Worth.  This is a place I haven’t been to in over fifteen years – so I’m sure all the landmarks I recall will have changed or disappeared during that time.  In fact, the building that the class will be held in is one I don’t recall being there.  So, I will have that to contend with as well.  However, its an exciting time for me.  I’m making my career move away from InfoTech and into teaching – which was where I wanted to go.  I’m super excited to be teaching InfoSec classes with the University position – and have had a lot of fun with the students in the three sections of Business Communications at the JuCo.  In short, this has been extremely satisfying and fulfilling for me.  The only drawback is that I am still working on juggling this major change to the time I have in my life.  I knew there was a lot of work going in — but I didn’t figure that it would be a “zero to sixty in 10 microseconds” type of change.  So there’s still a period of adjustment for me as well.

I actually had a few podcast listeners ask if I was going to attend PantheaCon (or something like that) this year.  Not being completely literate on just what it was, I went and looked it up online.  Its a religion con (or something similar to that) that is being held this weekend in California (San Jose to be precise).  The answer, obviously, is that I won’t be attending this year – nor likely any year.  While I like the idea of the Con’s presmise – the money I have to make a Con is strictly limited for me.  Plus, any funds I do manage to pull together for a Con would be earmarked for DefCon or BlackHat – both Information and Technology Security conventions held annually in Las Vegas.  Not that I really like the idea of going to Vegas — just that I am much more interested in attending conventions geared towards my Doctoral discipline.  I understand the appeal and draw that Pantheacon would have for some folks — but that just isn’t there for me.  So while I do grok the position that folks would like to see me, as the podcast voice behind a Pagan-oriented podcast, attend such a function — my primary interest in a Con gathering is actually focused in a much different direction.  I sure hope the folks who are attending the Pantheacon this year are getting a ton of joy and information out of being there though.  After all, that’s why they are attending, right?

The podcast I am currently working – Episode 119 – is based around the idea that life can be seen as poetic moments.  Being that poetry plays a huge part in my life — I am constantly writing material — the comparison is quite apt.  However, I’m no fool — I know that the comparative aspect doesn’t always correlate well or correctly for other folks.  I’m sure that folks who don’t see or feel the correlation between the two can find something else that does work for them in that capacity.  To showcase this part of my personal understanding – I decided to try my hand at portable recording on a hand-held device.  So I recorded my thoughts during one of my walks in the outdoors.  Interestingly enough — there’s a lot of “outside noise” added in as well – such as auto traffic that passes by.  But that’s part of the “cool” factor in all this.  Plus, it allowed me to test out the ability of the recording device to handle voice data in an outside environment, which I hope works well for a potential interview in the near future for the show.

Well, that about does it for me…time for me to get my rear in gear with all the material I have to complete.  Looking forward to a nice day with some sunshine…


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